Lebanese-Israeli border calm after fire exchanged early Friday

Published July 11th, 2014 - 03:42 GMT

Lebanese officials blasted Israel’s retaliatory shelling of south Lebanon Friday, saying the move was not justified and amounts to straight aggression.

Development and Liberation MP Qassem Hashem said that “the suspicious, unknown rockets that were fired from south Lebanon could not possibly justify the Israeli aggression this morning, which complements Israel’s ongoing offensive against our people in Palestine.

A rocket launched from the Mari area of Majidieh in south Lebanon hit northern Israel earlier Friday, drawing retaliatory fire on Kfar Shuba. The rocket was reportedly one of six which were intended to be fired on Israel.

“As always, the Israeli enemy indulges in its aggression on the border area,” Hashem said, while inspecting the village that came under Israeli fire.

For his part, Tripoli MP Mohammad Safadi condemned the Israeli retaliation, while denouncing the rockets fired at Israel as "a suspicious act."

"This cannot be described as resistance act because it served Israel, which is seeking to draw international attention away from the massacres it is committing against Palestinians in Gaza" the former Finance Minister said.

No casualties were reported on either side of the border.


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