Lebanon Plans to Lodge Complaint Against Israel at UN

Published December 7th, 2018 - 08:00 GMT
Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil  (Twitter)
Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil (Twitter)

Lebanon plans to lodge a complaint against Israel at the UN over a diplomatic and political campaign in preparation for attacks against it.

Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil has instructed Lebanon’s permanent representative to the UN, Ambassador Amal Mudallali, to submit the complaint, the country’s foreign ministry said in a statement Thursday.

The ministry said that Israel penetrated the national communications network and sent recorded phone messages to residents of the village of Kfar Kila warning them that there would be bombings on Lebanese territories and their lives will be endangered.


The Israeli military said Tuesday that a cross-border tunnel had been discovered near the border with Lebanon.

In a statement, the army said the tunnel system was dug by Lebanese group Hezbollah south of the Lebanese town of Kfar Kila.

Earlier Tuesday, the Israeli army launched a military operation to “expose and thwart” cross-border tunnels allegedly dug by Hezbollah along the border with Lebanon.

In 2006, Israel launched a war against Hezbollah, during which at least 1,200 people, mostly Lebanese civilians, were killed.




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