Lebanon Rejects Amnesty Appeal by SLA Commander

Published May 9th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Lebanese Prime Minister Selim al-Hoss rejected on Tuesday a demand by the head of the Israeli-run SLA militia for a blanket amnesty for those who collaborated with Israel's occupation of south Lebanon. In the meanwhile Hoss thanked Iran for its support of the Lebanese Resistance fighting the Israeli occupation of south Lebanon.  

Hoss urged SLA leader General Antoine Lahd, who threatened on Monday to fight a war against the Lebanese authorities after Israel withdraws if no amnesty was granted, to surrender to the authorities.  

“It is strange that Lahd asks the President to give a general amnesty while he is still attacking his own country, its civilians and even its army alongside its enemy,” Hoss said in a statement.  

“He should give himself up to the Lebanese judiciary before asking for anything, and he knows that once he does that he will receive justice and transparency.”  

Lahd, who has been sentenced to death in absentia by a Lebanese court, issued his demand and warning on Monday in a statement aimed at Lebanese President Emile Lahoud.  

Hoss said the Beirut government would favor inhabitants of the south who had resisted the Israelis and the SLA or fled the region during the occupation.  

“We will appreciate our people and all the citizens who stood up to the occupation and suffered the prejudice of the collaborating militia. They will return and they will be happy the way we are for the liberation of our land,” the statement said. 




Hoss thanked Iran for its support of the Lebanese resistance against the Israeli occupation in a call to Tehran officials, Iran's state IRNA news agency said Tuesday. 

"Lebanon pays homage to Iran for its support of the resistance as well as the Lebanese government," Hoss told Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi in a telephone conversation, according to IRNA. 

Hoss also reiterated "the determination of the Lebanese people to reconstruct its damaged installations as soon as possible," referring to power sites bombed by Israel last week. 

Kharazi for his part expressed "the serious concern of Iran, as head of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, about the raids." 

The Israeli air strikes that knocked out two electricity relay stations followed the death of an Israeli soldier and injuries to some 30 civilians in rocket strikes on northern Israel by Hizbollah, launched in reprisal for civilian casualties under Israeli fire in southern Lebanon – (Agencies) 




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