Lebanon Sentences Former Pro-Israeli Militiamen

Published June 10th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

A military court convicted a pro-Israeli militiaman of killing a captured Hizbullah fighter and another of serving in a prison camp in Israeli-occupied southern Lebanon, and sentenced them to 15 years in prison Friday, reported The Associated Press.  

The sentences - the toughest so far in the ongoing trial of Lebanese who dealt with Israel - were among 36 cases, including those of eight women, decided by the court on Friday. One defendant was acquitted and the remainder received prison terms ranging from one month to seven years, said AP.  

A total of 72 members of the pro-Israeli South Lebanon Army (SLA) faced the court on charges of collaborating with the enemy, but the court put off a decision in the remaining cases.  

Defense lawyers for the third group of South Lebanon Army fighters to be tried called for acquittals or lenient sentences, saying their clients had been coerced or forced into collaborating with Israel, court officials were quoted as saying.  

Other charges against the defendants included joining the militia, entering Israel and marketing Israeli fish in Lebanon.  

The court, whose verdicts cannot be appealed, had already sentenced 101 ex-militiamen to jail terms of up to five years, added AP - Albawba.com 


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