Lebanon: Syrian worker killed in shooting attack

Published December 21st, 2009 - 10:49 GMT

Unknown gunmen opened fire on a Syrian bus in Deir Emar in northern Lebanon at dawn Monday, killing a Syrian citizen, the Lebanon's National News Agency reported. It added that the gunmen shot at the bus, which was carrying 25 Syrian workers, at 2:30 am in Deir Emar on the Tripoli-Akkar highway, killing 17-year-old Syrian.


A Lebanese security official told Agence France Presse that several other people were hurt. The Lebanese army has secured the site of the attack about five kilometers north of Tripoli.


Ahmed Eid, the mayor of Deir Emar, denounced the shooting attack. "This could be an isolated incident but there are some who will try to take political advantage from it," he said.


Meanwhile, Syria's Foreign Minster, Walid Moallem made a phone call Monday morning to his Lebanese counterpart, Ali Shami, with regard to the "criminal" incident, SANA news agency reported. The Syrian minister demanded to be informed with the results of the investigations carried out by the Lebanese authorities to identify those who are behind the attack.

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