Lebanon's George Kordahi Resigns After Much Pressure

Published December 3rd, 2021 - 12:04 GMT
Georges Kordahi
Lebanon's ex-Information Minister Georges Kordahi at the Maronite Patriarchate in the mountain village of Bkerki, northeast of the capital. (File Photo | AFP)

ALBAWABA - The George Kordahi hastag is trending on twitter and the rest of the social media. 

Now he has officially resigned his post as Lebanon's Minister if Information after much recrimination. 

The country's government is still yet to choose a new man for the portfolio but there will be an Acting Minister of Information

But at least his resignation will put Lebanon back on track and the government will start focusing on important developments related to the economic crises the country is reeling under.

Many including Prime Minister Najib Miqati hope Kordahi's resignation will restore relations between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia and the Gulf which had been cut once the video of Kordahi was shown last month shown of him openly expressing his views on Yemen.

Since the Kordahi expressed much apologies to the Saudis and said he didn't mean any respect to them.


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