LG Launches Soccer Teams in Jordan

Published November 3rd, 2009 - 01:41 GMT

LG Electronics announced recently the launch of its "Jordan Soccer Team" which comprises some of the company's employees in the Kingdom; the announcement took place in Ghamdan Park (Forest of Bahrain King), in the presence of the Managing Director of LG Electronics Levant, Mr. Kevin Cha, as well as senior officials of the company.

This extracurricular initiative is part of the ever-developing and innovative policy of LG and its visionary perspective to enhance the team work principles and the sportsmanship among the employees, and to improve their health and physical status by regular exercises, and through the participation in the companies' soccer competitions held annually in the country.

Managing Director of LG Electronics Levant, Mr. Kevin Cha, welcomed the idea of creating a soccer team from the ranks of the company staffers, as a positive gesture that will promote their physical and mental skills.

He said, "LG always seeks to enhance leadership and team work among the employees, by launching various and extracurricular activities that solidify the relationship between the company's management and the employees. We formed the soccer team because we believe in the importance of the sports' role in deep rooting the humanitarian values, motivating employees to maintain body fitness, and developing their mental and physical stamina.
"Consequently, we will try to participate in soccer local competitions, and arrange for friendly encounters with some important Jordanian teams to provide the staff with the necessary sport experiences and the right tools to compete", he added.

LG soccer team is composed of 16 players, 5 for reserve, with technical and administrative sets to supervise their training, in addition to constant and direct follow up from LG management in Jordan. The team players regularly train in Ghamdan park's playgrounds to qualify them for joining local pertinent activities.

It is worth noting that this team is but a start for forthcoming LG soccer teams to be eventually formed in Jordan; and, at a later stage, imminent soccer teams for LG's agents and distributors in the Kingdom. The company is also planning to initiate employee teams in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, to represent LG in the Levant Area in the future.          

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