Libyan forces down militia plane, UN condemns parliament attack

Published December 31st, 2014 - 12:52 GMT

Libyan government forces downed a second airplane which belonged Fajir Libya militia after a raid on Al-Sedra oil port east of the country.

Ali Al-Hasi, a spokesman for the Libyan government forces, told KUNA that their air force Mig-23 planes targeted the militia plan twice after attempting to attack Al-Sedra oil port.

Meanwhile, the UN mission in Libya condemned the suicide attack which targeted the parliament, injuring at least 18 people, including three MPs in the eastern city of Tubruq.

MP Essa Araibi, in a statement to KUNA, said a suicide attacker was driving a booby-trapped SUV attacked the parliament building in Dar Al-Salam Hotel in Tubruq.

Earlier, Islamic militants attacked Al-Abraq International Airport and Airbase in Libya with BM-21 Grad rockets, with no casualties reported.

The attacks, which occurred early morning, did not cause any material damage because the rockets did not hit the buildings, a senior military official at the airport told Kuwait News Agency

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