List of ministers in new Palestinian cabinet

Published November 10th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

A total of 24 ministers are most likely to be voted upon by the Palestinian Legislative council before the end of this week. 


Palestinian sources expect that PM Ahmad Qurei (Abu Ala) will announce his new government to the Palestinian Legislative Council for approval by the end of this week. Al Bawaba sources have indicated that Qurei has finished putting the final touches on his new team that is expected to include seven new members entering the government for the first time. 


According to Al Bawaba’s sources, the cabinet is expected to include the following members: 


Ahmad Qurai (Abu Ala) - Prime Minister. 

Salam Fayad - Minister of Treasury. 

Maher Al Masri - Minister of Economy. 

Hakam Bal’awi - Minister of Interior for Civil Affairs (first time minister). 

Nabil Sha’ath - Minister of Planning and International Cooperation. 

Rohi Fatooh - Minister of Agriculture (first time minister). 

Jamil Tarifi - Minister of Civil Affairs. 

Jamal Shobaki - Minister of Local Government.  

Intisar Al Wazir - Minister of Social Affairs. 

Na’eem abu Al Humus - Minister of Education and Higher Education. 

Jawad Al Tibi - Minister of Health. 

Abul Rahman Hamad - Minister of Construction and Housing. 

Azam Al Ahmed - Minister of Communication and Technology. 

Yahia Yakhlef - Minister of Culture (first time minister). 

Mitri Abu Attiyeh - Minister of Tourism. 

Hisham Abdul Razaq - Minister of Prisoners Affairs.  

Nahed Al Rayes - Minister of Justice (first time minister). 

Gassan Khateeb - Minister of Information. 

Sa’eb Erekat - Minister of State. 

Qadoorah Fares - Minister of State (first time minister). 

Zahira Kamal - Minister of State (first time minister). 

Ahmed Majdalani - Minister of State (first time minister). 


Additinally, it is expected that 4 vice presidents will also be appointed; Naser Yousef, Nabil Sha’ath, Sa’eb Erekat, and Hakam Bal’awi.  


Fatah PLC members have repeatedly asked Qurei in the past to include younger Fatah members in the new government. Many names came forward as strong candidates, including Qadoorah Fares, Dalal Salameh, and Hatem Abul Qader - the latter told Al Bawaba that he did apologize to Qurei for his offer as he had no intention on joining the new government. 


The formation of the new Palestinian government has been suffering serious problems due to the dispute between President Arafat and PM Qurei’ over the post of Minister of Interior and the extent of the responsibilities given to it. According to the same source, it is believed that Fatah played an integral role in resolving the dispute.  


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