Local and International Experts Discuss the Utilization of Modern Technologies in Sewage Treatment

Published July 19th, 2010 - 09:06 GMT

A group of local and international experts, accompanied by a host of major infrastructure companies' executives in the region, called for the utilization of the latest technology in the water systems and sanitation sector, to be implemented in the various current projects in Saudi Arabia. These leading executive would like to see the market take advantage of these technologies in the treatment and purification of sewage water in order to eliminate sewage water reservoirs, in accordance with the latest international standards.

The experts, who participated in the seminar held in Riyadh and Dammam under the title "Modern Technology in Water Pumps and Sanitation", emphasized the importance of introducing the latest applications of advanced technologies in this vital area, especially in the sanitation field. The participants cited the Jeddah disaster as one of the most prominent examples that emphasized the urgent need for the use and application of modern technologies in water projects and sanitation in Saudi Arabia. This also will lead to the implementation of many development projects quickly and effectively, in order to match the increasing demand for infrastructure services in the Kingdom.

The seminar was organized by Sanam Al Jazeerah Projects, Ltd. one of the Semnan Holding group of companies, in collaboration with the American company Fairbanks Morse. It was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Water and Electricity, National Water Company and the Public Institution for Water Desalination, in addition to experts and engineers specializing in the infrastructure industry, and a group of senior consultants, contractors, and specialists in this type of projects.

Participants in the two seminars of Riyadh and Dammam reviewed a range of solutions and technologies for the treatment and purification of water, and methods of eliminating the water bodies resulting from sewage. Fairbanks Morse, the world leader in water, wastewater pump industry and water treatment ,announced in the seminar the giant pumps capable of pumping 3.7 million liters in one minute. The company was able to develop the required efficiency and high quality of such products after years of scientific research and field trials.

The seminar also included a presentation by David Angelo, Fairbanks Morse's vice-president and general manager, and Mr. Clifton Ray Spacek, Director of Sales & Marketing of Fairbanks Morse Company, on a wide range of important issues that focused on the latest developments and technologies in this area, and discussed a number of advanced engineering solutions for water systems and sanitation. In addition to a detailed presentation of innovative solutions and projects that have been developed specially to accommodate the geographical structure of the region, and some leading edge biotechnological solutions for the disposal of sewage, along with the latest scientific developments and technology in the field of water pumps and sanitation technologies.

Commenting on the seminar, Engineer Abdul Aziz Daghestani, Sales Manager Fairbanks Morse in the Saudi , said: "The goal of these seminars was to create a platform for the regional and international experts and specialists, in addition to some of the most important workers in this field, to exchange views and experiences on issues related to the sanitation sector, with a special focus on the impact of modern technology on underground infrastructure projects and drainage systems, drilling equipment, sewage pipes and cooling systems, and new construction, facilities and communications infrastructure.

He added: "We must utilize the new advanced technologies in Saudi projects. We and our Fairbanks Morse at Samnan Holding enjoy a wide market experience, and a successful track record of achievements in the provision of advanced technologies that help to treat and purify wastewater and the elimination of water bodies, technologies our customers can rely on. "

Sanam Al Jazeerah Projects, Ltd. a subsidiary of Samnan Holdings, which hosted the seminars, highlighted the importance of creating awareness about best practices and advanced technologies to address water and sanitation in the most effective way possible.

Engineer Omar Al Nimr, Sales and Marketing Manager, Sanam Al Jazeerah Projects, Ltd., commented: "Samnan Holding is always looking for sustainable solutions to water issues through innovative solutions, effective water treatment and purification technologies and developing new methods to get rid of sewage, in order to preserve the ecosystem and the achieve an optimal use of water resources." 

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