LogicaCMG adds VPIsystems OnePlan network planning solution to telecoms solutions portfolio

Published September 22nd, 2007 - 12:42 GMT

LogicaCMG, a major international force in IT and business services and VPIsystems, a leading provider of network resource planning software and services for the global telecoms industry, today announced a strategic partnership in which LogicaCMG will be offering the VPIsystems OnePlan planning solution to its wireline and wireless carrier customers.
OnePlan will complement LogicaCMG’s existing suite of OSS and BSS solutions, and fully integrate into customers’ existing infrastructures. Aimed at carriers, enterprises, network operators and even equipment vendors, OnePlan designs and dimensions a network across all layers (access, metro and core) and across IP-based and legacy technologies.
With the addition of OnePlan, LogicaCMG further strengthens its comprehensive telecommunications solution, taking customers seamlessly from service creation to delivery. LogicaCMG will manage the OnePlan integration and the overall implementation, including aligning the solution with existing systems and developing new business processes. LogicaCMG’s next-generation business support systems are designed to create flexibility and provide the fast time-to-market required for new services and convergence.  OnePlan will ensure this flexibility and speed is not achieved at the loss of control.
LogicaCMG’s new partnership will have significant potential in the Middle East’s increasingly liberalized telecommunication market. The benefits of LogicaCMG’s value added business service, combined with VPIsystem’s resource planning software, will provide an important resource to regional carriers, network operators and equipment vendors.
“LogicaCMG with are confident that the inclusion of VPIsystems OnePlan into our global OSS portfolio will provide operators with the ability to plan, build and transform networks in line with their business, aspirations.” stated Thomas Breuer, Managing Director, Telecoms and Media at LogicaCMG.  “VPIsystems provides these essential capabilities and understands both the networks’ capacity and capability in a speedy and efficient manner.”
“OnePlan was the ideal network planning solution for LogicaCMG’s needs, given its already proven results with global Tier-1 carriers and breadth of planning and design capabilities” said John Collins, vice president of business development at VPIsystems. “We have combined the leading network planning product with the innovation and experience of a global systems integrator. Together, we are helping carriers to better realise their business goals and stay competitive in the marketplace.”
“With the liberalization of the telecom market in the region, LogicaCMG and its international partners can play a key role in providing value add service to the growing industry,” said Dr. Mohsen Mohseninia, Managing Director, Telecom and Media – Middle East and Africa, LogicaCMG.

“Our next-generation Operation Support System offerings can greatly enhance the regions telecommunication operators ability to manage network CAPEX by designing, procuring and rolling out new networks based on demand forecast and proven business cases” added Mohseninia.

Photo Caption: Dr. Mohsen Mohseninia, Managing Director, Telecom and Media – Middle East and Africa, LogicaCMG

About LogicaCMG
LogicaCMG is a major international force in IT and business services. It employs around 40,000 people across 41 countries. LogicaCMG’s focus is on enabling its customers to build and maintain leadership positions using LogicaCMG’s deep industry knowledge and its track record for successful delivery. The company provides business consulting, systems integration and IT and business process outsourcing across diverse markets including telecoms and media, financial services, energy and utilities, industry, distribution and transport and the public sector. Headquartered in Europe, LogicaCMG is listed on both the London Stock Exchange and Euronext (Amsterdam) (LSE:LOG; Euronext:LOG) and traded on the Xternal List of the Nordic Exchange in Stockholm. More information is available at www.logicacmg.com

About OnePlan
OnePlan offers communications service providers a single, cross-domain (geography, technology, discipline and network domain) integrated capacity and network planning capability, OnePlan has become the system of choice for any carrier planning transition to a next-generation, IP-enabled network.  Through its modular design, OnePlan provides a scalable solution that can start as a single technology module, and grow to a high-availability system spanning multiple network layers where OnePlan automates network planning, engineering and decommissioning activities.

About VPIsystems, Inc.
VPIsystems is a leading provider of integrated capacity and network planning software and services for the global telecommunications industry.  The company’s OnePlan software system gives telecommunications and multi-service providers the ability to cohesively plan the financial, technical and marketing aspects of their network evolution, for all current and future network types.  Headquartered in Holmdel, NJ, and with offices in Europe, Asia, and Australia, VPIsystems' software is used by over 150 communications service providers and network equipment manufacturers to assess current and future capacity needs, and optimally plan their QoS-constrained service networks and underlying transport infrastructure. For further information, visit us at www.vpisystems.com.

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