London: The children’s playground

Published July 2nd, 2008 - 12:19 GMT

London: The children’s playground

School’s out for summer and long sun infused days of fun for your children are ahead.  The expectation of excitement and summer holiday fun is in the air, now all you need to decide is where to go.  How about somewhere with so much for your little ones to do that every day is sure to be packed full of amusement, or somewhere where day trips learning new things are entertaining and stimulating.  What about a place that every day presents a new and exhilarating adventure, a veritable children’s playground to be explored.  Welcome to London - where all these criteria can be found in one city, one of the best summer holiday destinations for families looking for a taste of culture and a lot of fun.  Taking your children on holiday to London this summer will be an unforgettable memory with so many thrilling things to see and do. It couldn’t be easier with regular flights with bmi direct to London Heathrow.  Read on and find out some of the best activities for you and your family in London this summer, then book your tickets on and - of you go!   

Say ‘museum’ to a child and you can expect long faces.  Visiting museums to a child means long hours looking at old things in glass cases.  However the London Science Museum has come up with a child friendly, interactive and hands-on approach.  Children will be surprised by how fun museums can really be as they explore and learn about the world of science through play.  Seven floors of fun exhibits, special effects, simulator rides, 3D movies, interactive activities and experiments are separated according to the children’s age groups and how children’s curiosity can be channeled into fun and exciting learning.  A trip to the science museum is an adventure into the discovery of light, sound, water, air and space and provides children with a day out while enabling them to develop key skills in a fun and stimulating way.  Trick your kids into learning about science the fun way this summer!        

If museum’s makes for grimaces then Theme Parks will definitely generate the opposite effect.  Children of any age will LOVE an adrenalin packed day at London’s Chessington World of Adventures, a child’s paradise of different themed wonderlands.  Explore the ancient, exotic delights of the orient as you float leisurely along the Dragon River in ‘The Mystic East’ – hold on tight for the plunging finale at the end.  Fly over the tree tops of dark and eerie ‘Transylvania’ on the Vampire roller coaster.   With the lowest height restrictions in Europe, even your littlest thrill seekers will be able to have a go on this scream of a ride!  Slow it down with younger children in the dreamlike bubble factory floating along while thousands of iridescent bubbles swim through the air.  For high adrenalin speed, strap yourselves into Ramases Ravenge, a monster machine that flips you upside down, and round before dipping you head first into a water fountain.  This adventure packed day is sure to have your children screaming with laughter! 

Imagine the thrill of seeing a 30 stone gorilla close up as he sits in the sunshine chewing on a bamboo shoot.  Imagine walking through a colorful jungle of fluttering butterflies in a replica of their natural environment.  Imagine exploring a rainforest canopy, catching glimpses of tiny monkeys darting around the treetops.  This is London zoo!  Home to over 12,000 animals whose fabulous enclosures transport you to exotic faraway lands of dense rainforests and green plains – right in the heart of the capital city!  Gorilla Kingdom houses 3 gorillas in a habitat that re-creates the serenity of the African rainforest where they can play, run, climb or simply sunbathe!  Blackburn Pavilion is a tropical walkthrough bird’s paradise; enter this world of lush rainforest foliage and waterfalls, as flashes of bright multicolor streak through the air.  In the Clore rainforest lookout, visitors can walk along the canopy or forest floor to see creatures from the South American rainforest living in harmony.  Treat your children to a day at London zoo and let them experience the tallest, hairiest and scariest animals on the planet.        

 For an extra special holiday treat take you’re kids to visit the world’s biggest and best toy store.  Hamley’s has seven floors of every toy they could every dream about.  A veritable toy emporium, the sounds of excited laughter is barely audible over the squeaking, whizzing and chiming of toys.  Bring your wallet because the chances are in this wonderland of joy and childhood pleasures, you’re unlikely to leave empty handed!

Now that your exciting fun packed days are organized, what about the evenings?  London has a plethora of nocturnal activities for kids such as the notoriously entertaining musicals.  Children of all ages will be particularly impressed with the spectacular ‘Lion King’.  The story tells the tale of a wide eyed and fearless lion cub learning about life on his journey to become King of the Jungle.  His adventures take him through the majesty of the Serengeti plains where herds of life size zebras and giraffes dance to the evocative rhythms of Africa and the much loved characters from the Disney classic are brought to life through imaginative colorful costume and amazing special effects.   This is a must see Award winning musical that will be enjoyed by all the family. 

So, with a list as long as the Thames of exciting and educative activities that you can do with your family in London, what are you waiting for – book your flights for a fantastic and fun-packed summer holiday in Europe’s most diverse and captivating capital with bmi.  Either go on line and visit or visit your local travel agent.  Pack your bags and join in the fun in London.  

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