Lubna Al Qasimi affirms Ministry's commitment to adopting outstanding initiatives to enhance UAE’s global status

Published January 10th, 2010 - 09:39 GMT

Sheikha Lubna Bint Khalid Al Qasimi, UAE Minister of Foreign Trade (MoFT), held a breakfast gathering for Ministry staff to celebrate the passing of more than a year of operations as well as the beginning of the New Year. The event was attended by H.E. Abdullah Al Saleh, Director General of the Ministry, along with other Ministry officials and staff.

In a speech delivered before the breakfast attendees, Lubna emphasized MoFT’s commitment to adopting outstanding initiatives and programs that can help promote the UAE's regional and global reputation as one of the Middle East’s leading trade gateways.


Sheikha Lubna called on staff to redouble their efforts to create sophisticated programs that contribute to the Emirate’s enhanced global competitiveness, increase the share of the country’s products in the global markets, and project a positive image of the UAE that attracts more foreign investments.

The Minister extended her thanks to personnel for their admirable efforts during 2009, especially those who played major roles in fully completing all initiatives under the Ministry’s operational plan, implementing performance indicators until the end of last year, and exceeding requirements in many of the initiatives.


Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi commended the success of additional activities and initiatives undertaken by some departments outside of the planned ones, and specifically named 42 initiatives that involved various departments. She also honored three employees who participated in remarkable initiatives within the Ministry's regular program in recognition of the creative ideas that have been instrumental in developing the work and enhancing the performance of the Ministry of Foreign Trade.


Sheikha Lubna noted the Ministry’s eagerness to assess work levels and staff performance and achievements, explaining that rewarding excellence and dedication provides a strong motivation and incentive for all employees to develop their skills and do their jobs to the fullest. She presented Nawal Al-Tamimi with the "Distinguished Employee Award,” awarded Salwa Jaradat for her idea of preserving the environment through recycling, and honored Ali Al Menhali for his concept of acquiring a global electronic "ISO" certificate.


MoFT’s initiatives and activities during the past year have helped sustain the growth of commercial activity in the UAE and abroad, ensure more accomplishments for the foreign trade sector, and gain positive results at the macroeconomic level. MoFT has enhanced foreign trade capacity and strategies to meet domestic and external challenges, based on this sector’s role as a vital component of the national economy.


In this context, Sheikha Lubna has held around 150 meetings with officials from around the world, and participated in local and global commercial and economic events accompanied by representatives of the private sector, Chambers of Commerce, and UAE companies. Of these meetings, 120 were with ministers and senior officials while 22 were with the private sector. The Ministry also received 68 foreign trade and economic delegations. Moreover, H.E. participated in 40 inboard and outboard conferences and in the opening of 13 international trade shows. In addition, she organized 27 outboard trips accompanied by trade delegations, attended the meetings of 10 joint committees between UAE and other countries, and joined 12 community activities.

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