Maani Inaugurates the 7th International Camp of Greater Amman Municipality

Published July 13th, 2010 - 08:05 GMT

Mayor of Amman, Omar Maani, recently inaugurated the 7th International Camp of Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) for Children, under the title “With Jordan, We Grow Up”. The inauguration ceremony took place at Amman National Park on the Airport Road with the participation of 100 children from Jordan and other Arab countries.
The Camp organized by the Social Service Directorate at GAM, targets children from the ages 9 – 13 years; and its activities will run for 3 weeks (one camp every week) with children participating from Palestine, Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Tunis, Sudan, in addition to Jordan.
During the inauguration attended by the City Manager, Eng. ‘Ammar Gharaibeh, and GAM senior officials, the Mayor welcomed the children’s camp guests and said: “Amman is the Capital of all Arabs”. He invited them to know Amman and observe Jordan’s culture and landmarks. 
Maani added that the Camp is not limited to Amman residents only but also to the whole of Jordan; it is a Camp with Jordanian flavor and a philosophy based on introducing the new generation of children to their traditions and customs, and deepening the Jordanian identity inside them, and eventually creating a generation aware of its origins, traditions and folklore, and of the challenges of the modern community as well.  
Maani called on the organizers of the Camp to provide the participants with TV screens to watch the matches of the World Cup, upon their request; he mentioned that GAM will resume its programs, activities, and projects to upgrade the sector of children, youth, and sports in Amman City.
He pointed out that GAM made the camp a permanent activity all over the year, highlighting GAM’s role which is not restricted only to opening streets, building bridges and tunnels, and implementing parks and gardens.
The general coordinator of the Camp, Maher Al Tal, clarified that the activities of “With Jordan, We Grow Up” Camp are organized with the participation of GAM leadership, including an integrated program that meets the children developmental and cultural needs through connecting them with service institutions in their communities such as GAM, Public Security, the Army, and Traffic Department, as well as engaging them in cultural activities such as baking, coffee, planting trees that do not require lots of water, sports, touristic journeys to Aqaba, Dead Sea and Rum.
According to Mr. Tal, the Camp focuses on engaging the children in activities with small groups in warm and calm atmosphere, enjoying their time with other children from Jordan and other countries, regardless of their nationalities and cultural backgrounds. The Camp also opens the way to the children to get oriented on other cultures, and gives each child her or his right of care and interaction.
Director of Social Centers Department at GAM, Ayman Khleifat, said : “In light of the changes in the children’s world, our kids do miss the experiences that connect them with the Arab Jordanian identity”, and from here comes up the idea of holding a camp to deep root the Arab heritage and culture in the children.
GAM leadership will share the participants in several activities to discuss and talk about the City, their needs, goals and ideas, in addition to visiting GAM headquarters and holding a session of the Children Council of GAM.  

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