Maani Reviews the Various Merits of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project

Published July 14th, 2010 - 12:24 GMT

The Mayor of the Greater  Amman Municipality (GAM) , Engineer Omar Maani said that the Bus Rapid Transit “Rapid Bus” Project which GAM has already commenced executing its first phase-two sections on Queen Rania Street- is an integrated  and flexible bus system depending on extending fast and safe service.
Engineer Maani stressed though the program” With the Mayor” on Hawa Amman  105.9 FM that GAM’s aim behind developing the public transport matrix in Amman is to encourage the residents to use public transport modes as the private cars number is soaring, referring, at the same time, to the fact that 75-80 thousand additional cars are being licensed annually.
He further outlined that the speed of such buses ranges between 35 to 50 km per hour and they use special lanes with well studied frequencies. They allow for high capacity of 120- 180 passengers each, on two or three sections, and with specified stop stations.
He said that the rapid buses capacity, the study and planning of which took a year and a half, is estimated at 6-9 thousand passengers an hour.
According to the Mayor, the bus shuttling frequency in the first phase in Queen Rania Street is estimated at three minutes, and regularly.
He talked about the merits of the project stating that it is distinguished by an electronic propelling system and an information system about the timing of the buses arrivals.
In reference to the passengers, the Mayor said that around 43 thousand of the University of Jordan students, and employees coming from the North, the Center, the Middle Ghor (Jordan Valley), and Al Salt shall benefit from the Project, calling on the citizens to bear with GAM and be patient , and that they should abide by the directional signs.
In the same context, the Mayor pointed out that GAM is about to finalize the complete study of the project of the light railway matrix in Amman, which, according to him, is the third phase of developing the public security.
He said that the locations of the main stations of the railway have been outlined, so have been their tracks. He added that the French Company which was awarded the tender of studying the ecological situation, and the economical feasibility and pattern is about to finish the study.
As for the trees which were in the middle islands of Queen Rania Street , like palm trees and Washingtonia,  Engineer Maani said that they shall be moved to Aqaba and Ghor Al Safi, the suitable habitat for planting such trees, much more than the heights.
In the program presented by Rozeen Al Naber, Mayor Maani delineated that GAM, within the few coming weeks, shall award a number of projects such as the rehabilitation and maintenance of stairs, including 12 stairs in various regions of Amman.

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