Mayfair Wealth Management launches ‘Forex’ trading platform

Published October 20th, 2009 - 01:57 GMT


Mayfair Wealth Management (MWM), one of the leading financial and investment advisory services providers based in the Cayman Islands, has announced the launch of its ‘Foreign Exchange’ (Forex) trading platform. In addition, the company is also set to conduct free training sessions on the alternative investment avenue to educate traders on how to open a real live account as well as buy and sell on ‘Forex’ professionally and confidently. For a minimum investment of USD 25,000, an individual can invest in the largest and most liquid financial market in the world, which has not been affected by the ongoing crisis. 


The unveiling of the new financial trading platform, which will also be offered via ‘Ameerah’, the first truly bespoke wealth management service targeting female investors in the Middle East, is in line with the company’s aims to provide an asset class that will allow investors to stop trading and ‘cash in’ at any given time. The training will include lectures on the origins and evolution of ‘Forex’, where and how brokers execute orders for clients, how to use the platform and start trading, and the advantages of ‘Forex’ over other investment instruments. Classes on the currencies quotation system, trading margins, main currency markets, and trading strategies will be provided as well. Furthermore, classes for lady investors will also be made available through Ameerah.


”The global economic slowdown has significantly affected global investments, with a majority of individuals and corporations putting their investment plans on hold. While investments in other financial markets are witnessing a steady decline, we are advising investors to place stake in ‘Forex’ due to high liquidity and trading volume, in addition to price volatility in this market,” said Amani Choudhry, CEO, Mayfair Wealth Management. “By using our newly-launched ‘Forex’ trading platform and availing of our free training sessions, Investors can get a better understanding of the Forex world, what their trader is doing on a day to day basis with their money or learn to trade themselves.”


Offering online currency trading and phone dealing from Sunday to Friday using a proprietary trading software that guarantees competitive pricing and execution, MWM’s ‘Forex’ trading platform offers low spreads interest point (pip). The software offers four online trading platforms for maximum flexibility, and allows instant access from the investor’s home, office or anywhere with an Internet connection. Company officials also revealed their optimism that the seminars – which are set to take place in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Bahrain – will generate good response from investors, and that they are open to offering training to other markets as the demand arises.


“With an average volume that ranges between USD 800 billion to USD 1.5 trillion per day, the ‘Forex’ market hold as much potential for large scale traders such as central banks and commercial companies as for individual investors. Our goal is to give investors in the region a convenient way by which they can engage in the ‘Forex’ trade and benefit from the wide gamut of advantages and opportunities the market offers, especially during this financial downturn,” concluded Choudhry.

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