Mayor of Amman: Comedy is an Important Factor in Everyday Life in any Modern Community

Mayor of Amman: Comedy is an Important Factor in Everyday Life in any Modern Community
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Published December 9th, 2010 - 16:48 GMT

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Mayor of Amman, Engineer Omar Maani said that comedy is a significant factor in our modern day life and is deemed to be a natural element in any civilized community.

During a program "With the Mayor" aired on the municipality radio channel, he announced the winners' names in the electronic competition for comedic performances, organized by MBC Group, and they are Ibrahim Khairallah and Rahman Akhtar.

He further added that the 3rd Amman Stand-Up Comedy Festival extended the local comic section by conducting several local auditions and workshops lasting till the 7th of December.

Moreover, during the program presented by Roseen Al-Naber, Maani revealed the winners' names in the comedic auditions where hundreds of applications from different categories were approved to participate in the comedy festival .

The first winner is Hamza Zabalawi. The second is Laith Abbadi. Both of them will participate on the 8th of December while Mohammed Zkarneh on the 7th and 8th of December. Yusef Shweihat, Mujahed Samara and Yusef Kahwaji will take part on the 8th of December. Mohammad Kamal will participate in the Ramadan Evening. Shadi Salah will participate on the 8th and 6th, Bilal Randeer on the 5th, Nadeem Al-Masri on the 6th and 8th.

Furthermore, the Mayor of Amman has affirmed the keenness of Amman Municipality to stimulate citizens and visitors of Amman to attend the Jordanian Local Talents Night which will be presented by Jordanian comedian Nabeel Sawalha, pointing out ticket price will be reduced to 5JD.

The second workshop among the series of free workshops conducted at Al Hussein Cultural Center, was presented by international comedian Joe Millutchi titled "Direct Comedy, a Commercial Professional Work", discussed how comedians can upgrade themselves commercially allowing them to go on tours while drawing the attention of promoters and marketers.

It is worth mentioning that Melutchi, the Vice Chairman of the "Viable Nation", is one of the biggest promoters and marketers for this art in North America. Furthermore, Melutchi played a distinguished role in producing the comedy tours in the United States and Europe which were performed by a number of global comedians. 

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