The Mayor of Amman meets with Residents and listens to their demands in the open Day

The Mayor of Amman meets with Residents and listens to their demands in the open Day
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Published October 12th, 2010 - 13:57 GMT

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Mayor of the Greater Amman (GAM), Omar Maani, Said that "king Abdulla II's noble gesture towards the residents of Al - Rahmaniyah Nighborhood in Sweileh is represented in the execution of service projects on the part of GAM, a true proof of His Majesty's closeness to his people's needs and demands across the Kingdom".

Maani called on one of the residents of the neighborhood, during the open day with the citizens, to get involved in the activities that GAM has already commenced: training courses, and cultural and social events and programs.

He drew the attention, during the meeting which marked the presence of the City Manager, Engineer A'mmar Gharaybeh, and top officials, that GAM, with all its cadre, is keen on extending all municipality services, in addition to activating cultural and social movement in all GAM regions, according to set plans and programs.

Mayor Maani, reiterated GAM's position on combating the phenomenon of kiosks and venders in the capital, re-directing owners to the popular marks. He also pointed out that GAM is very keen on the sustainability and continuity of such markets through the on going, year round qualification and development programs.

During the open day GAM devoted to citizens the last Sunday of each month, the Mayor listened to the resident's demands, remarks and causes which centered around organization, opening and pavement of roads, public transport services, rendering of services, in addition to a number of other service issues.

Mayor Maani instructed the concerned GAM departments to study all the residents' demands, remarks, and complaints and to promptly execute them so far as they are not in violation of any laws or regulations.

A number of the attending residents commended the efforts exerted by GAM, service of the Capital, through the various development projects. 

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