Mayor of Amman: we respect qualifications and our approach is based on reform, transparency & justice

Published February 21st, 2010 - 03:30 GMT

According to Mayor of Amman, Omar Maani, Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) has a debt of JD 208 million, and with an acquisition for the years 2006- 2009 which amounted to JD 198 million, and concentrated in Abdoun valley, Al Qesieh neighborhood, and the city center starting from Al Mahata Street ending at the Roman Amphitheatre.

He clarified that these acquisitions were conducted to implement some main intersections, rehabilitate the city center, and set up public parks to create comfortable spaces in Amman, emphasizing that these acquisitions, and Al Sitteen Street projects which connect the Airport Road with east of Amman, in addition to Arafat Mountain intersection with a cost of JD 26 million, and the governmental complex, have led to all this debt, and once these lands are displayed for sale in the market, they shall take care of all GAM’s debt. 

In an interview with Petra News Agency, moderated by the general manager of the agency, Ramadan Rawashdeh, the Mayor ascertained that the debt will not be a financial burden that limits GAM’s generosity and geographical expansion or affect the quality of the services extended to the citizens; he also explained that the percentage of the capital expenditures to the current is two thirds to one third, meaning that one third was devoted for current expenses, namely, salaries, while the other two are being spent on GAM’s projects and initiatives.

He added that GAM is one of the best municipalities in the world according to a study conducted by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, assuring the audiences that GAM is in a good situation.
Maani revealed the reasons of regression in GAM’s revenues, are attributed to the current economical situation and investment climate, and he pointed out that GAM realizes such revenues from lands and properties’ taxes, or by lands’ organization revenues, and he highlighted that the central market revenues also declined in the last few years; therefore, GAM have become more strict on expenditures and stopped new employments. 

The Mayor said that the number of non Jordanian workers in the Kingdom increased since 2007, and when we upgraded their salaries, many Jordanians showed interest to be part of GAM teams, of which we are proud, as their work exceeded the concept of “shame”, and proved that the defect was not in the job description, but instead, in the low salaries allocated for workers in field. 

In the interview, the Mayor reviewed the administrative restructuring in GAM, such as defining the job description, and the horizontal and vertical relationships in all the departments and sections to enhance the institutional efficiency, and to eliminate duplication in decision making.

According to the Mayor, and to keep pace with the new administrative structure, salaries of departments’ heads and the City Manager were reconsidered, as new incentives, salaries, rehabilitation and training programs, and a comprehensive evaluation system were issued. All payments and allowances are suspended, regardless of the manager’s position, because previously, heads and managers were used to receive huge remuneration for the sessions, tenders and services committees, and for receiving projects after implementation, noting that the published salary of the City Manager and those of his deputies were criticized severely by the media. To read more visit

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