The Mayor Meets Head & Members of Amman Chamber of Commerce

Published December 28th, 2009 - 01:39 GMT

Mayor of Amman, Omar Maani, stressed the importance of cooperation between Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) and Amman Chamber of Commerce to better serve the commercial sector.

During a meeting with head and members of Amman Chamber of Commerce, Omar Maani expressed the readiness of GAM to enhance cooperation between both sides by founding a partnership council which meets regularly to address issues and challenges facing the commerce.

The meeting was held in the Chamber premises, during which both parties agreed on founding an office for GAM inside the building of the Chamber of Commerce to facilitate obtaining vocational licenses as well as the joint electronic connection.

The Mayor tackled GAM's projects which aim at developing the city center, pointing out that GAM built four parking lots in Amman since the beginning of this year, and it always searches for ways to resolve the scarcity of parking areas in all the Capital regions. He also referred to GAM's plans to develop public transportation sector to motivate car owners to use the public means of transportation, which can eventually reduce the traffic jam.

Ways of partnership promotion were also discussed during the meeting, in addition to studying the main problems that hinder development and improvement of this sector and their impacts on the national economy.  

Head of Amman Chamber of Commerce, Riyad Al Seify, requested that an end be put on displaying and selling products on the sidewalks, owing to their negative effects on the surrounding stores and difficulties for shoppers, especially at times of traffic jam of and pedestrians' crowdedness.

Omar Maani clarified that a committee will be formed by GAM, Chamber of Commerce, Capital governorate, and Public Security to find a resolution that benefits all sides.

Al Seify requested studying the possibility of consolidating all commercial and service activities and professions in the Ministries of Industry, Commerce, GAM, and Amman Chamber of Commerce, especially that there are discrepancies in the nomenclature of these activities and professions in these institutions.

Al Seify also demanded that suitable settlements for the lack of parking lots in trading areas be reached, and the same to be applied in licenses of attic units in Ras Al Ein stores.   
Mayor of Amman mentioned during the meeting, which Manager of Amman City, Eng. Ammar Gharaibeh attended as well as some concerned officials, that some technical cadres from Chamber of Commerce will be trained in the Computer Center of GAM, preparing for the joint electronic connection process.  

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