Mena region PR expert to deliver welcome address at World Economic Forum in Davos

Published January 19th, 2010 - 01:22 GMT

TRACCS CEO, Mohamed Al Ayed, will address international gathering of experts at ‘Communication on Top’ summit following World Economic Forum

Jeddah – January 19, 2010:  Immediately following the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, communications and media experts from around the world will gather for the ‘Communication on Top’ Forum to be held at the prestigious Swiss resort February 8-9th 2010.

The honour of delivering the welcome address on behalf of the PR industry in the MENA region goes to Mohamed Al Ayed, TRACCS Chief Executive Officer. Established in Jeddah over 12 years ago, TRACCS was founded with the goal of building an indigenous Arab public relations industry. With more than 200 professionals across a network of fourteen offices spanning the Middle East and North Africa, TRACCS, last year was ranked among the top 40 fastest growing companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Middle East’s largest economy. 

“Coming in the wake of the global financial crisis ‘Communication on Top’ is a timely  opportunity for the communications industry’s top managers to share their experience and expertise to develop professional solutions that overcome geographical, political, religious, corporate and cultural differences,” said Al Ayed. “The economies of nations and the prosperity of their citizens, as well as the finances of companies and industries, can be enhanced by the global communications community, which by influencing attitudes and expectations has the capability to shape the future of business, politics and culture.” 

Al Ayed, who will take ‘Communications – Bridging the Global Gap’ as the theme of his keynote speech, went on to say: “We are living in a world that is now interlinked by global communications. Global advertising and marketing, satellite television networks, the cinema, New Media, have brought diverse cultures closer together in a way that would have seemed like science fiction two decades ago. Yet, in many ways the world has become more fragmented and polarized. Why? As professional communicators we need to answer this question and find solutions that will bridge the widening gaps in the world today. We need to use our skills for more than just brand-building and flogging products. We need to use what we know to build bridges of understanding between people. We have to take ourselves more seriously.”

The annual global forum ‘Communication on Top’ will focus on best practices, new developments and creative ideas in the communications world through open dialogue between high-ranking executives of leading companies, political and state-run institutions, NGOs, research centres and media experts.

Discussion topics at ‘Communication on Top’ include:  ‘The threat posed by changes in business patterns and communication strategies as a result of the world financial crisis’; ‘What part do communications play in business?; ‘The crash of the stock market and the end of the system of public appraisal of corporations’; ‘What next – reanimation or reinvention?; ‘How companies and organisations can construct a new approach and understand the new relationship between business and government’; ‘Is a new system of business communications needed?;  and ‘The contradiction between the growth of dialogue culture and preserving the traditional pattern of assigning authority to governing institutions, social control resting with those in power’.

In addition, the Forum will examine: how to create a ‘media image’; how this image affects consumers and business partners and relays messages to people from all social groups both rich and poor; and how to manage successful brands by using both words and images.

Communication on Top is a global initiative to promote best communications practices in the world bringing top PR practitioners and communications strategists together to address key communications issues. The goal of the Forum is to provoke a global discussion on how to make communication more effective, customer-oriented, trustful and approachable; to adapt it to different cultures, religions and social groups; to create a platform where good practices, latest researches, ideas and innovations could be shared.

TRACCS has always been in the forefront in promoting the practice and discipline of public relations across the MENA region.  The agency organized a series of conferences and Forums in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Lebanon with a goal to develop and nurture local talent, share experiences and expertise which will ultimately help create a robust public relations industry.

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