Microsoft Asks Judge to Reject Breakup Proposal

Published May 11th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Microsoft Wednesday called on a federal judge to reject a government proposal to dismantle the company and offered instead to modify some of its business practices, CNN reported Wednesday. 

Microsoft's chief executive Steve Ballmer, was quoted by CNN as saying that his company would better off in one piece rather than two and likened the government's plan to splitting up a rock band because of its popularity. 

Microsoft described the government proposal as unprecedented and wholly inappropriate given the antitrust violations found by the court.  

As an alternative to the more dramatic step of splitting up the company, the BBC reported that Microsoft proposed a series of restrictions on its business practices that would address the government's concerns about competition in the market for Web browsers and PC operating systems. 

US District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson ruled on April. 30 that the company had violated antitrust law by using its monopoly position to squelch competition in the market for personal computer operating systems, said AFP. 

According to a poll released Wednesday, most Americans oppose splitting Microsoft into two companies, added CNN.  

The Gallup Organization said that although 49 percent of those polled believe Microsoft is a monopoly, 54 percent oppose a breakup, while only 34 percent are in favor of the plan, and 12 percent had no opinion - (Several Sources) 



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