Ministry of Education announces Jordanian Finalists to Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)

Published April 19th, 2007 - 06:13 GMT

The Ministry of Education (MOE) announced yesterday the names of the winning Jordanian students who qualified to take part in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), due to take place in Albuquerque city in New Mexico, USA next May.   The announcement was made during a joint press conference at MOE’s headquarters, which hosted Intel, wireless operator MobileCom, a member of the Jordan Telecom Group and Royal Jordanian Airlines.

Attending the conference was the Minister of Education Dr. Khaled Toukan, who chaired the conference, MOE General Secretary Tayseer Neimi, Intel Education Manager for Jordan and Lebanon Rula Habash, MobileCom Consumer and Corporate Marketing Manager Yanal Shwayyat, Director Marketing at Royal Jordanian Airlines Yola Isaac, the qualified students as well as representatives from all parties.

“We are delighted with the achievements of our students who will raise our nation’s flag high at the international arena. Sponsoring and encouraging such a fair in Jordan motivates our students to display their talents and helps them put it in an excellent forum that allows the Jordanian youth to come out with exceptional results through their positive competitive spirit. We highlight today the best scientific projects out of hundreds, wishing the students the best of luck and success in Albuquerque fair” Minister of Education Dr. Khaled Toukan said.

“The wide acclaim these competitions had last year encouraged us to continue our support and adoption of such a youth related initiative. Sponsoring Intel ISEF for the second year in a row translates MobileCom’s strategic commitment towards supporting the Jordanian youth and taking them to the next level. We also believe that ensuring the needed support for our students will open opportunities in front of them to showcase their competencies and capabilities in different fields,” MobileCom Consumer and Corporate Manager Yanal Shwayyat said.

“We were able to score admirable successes in all aspects for the second year. Receiving applications of thousands of students out of which 400 students were accepted to participate in the first round of competitions is a great evidence of this initiative’s success and definitely meets our educational goals, which include encouraging more research and development in the Kingdom’s schools. We will continue working with the Ministry of Education and the other sponsoring companies to motivate such huge number of students to display their creative skills in order to achieve the same great success as last year,” Rula Habash, Intel Education Manager for Jordan and Lebanon, said.

Habash encouraged students to register their projects as patents. She also called upon companies to tender their support, which if wisely utilized will reflect positively on the economy of the country. Habash underlined the importance of creating a direct cooperation between universities and students by opening their labs and allowing these students to benefit from its educational staff expertise.

Habash highlighted the Ministry’s vital role in making the project a success as it supervised the exhibitions, trained the students, and provided them with assistance and consultation in setting up their projects. She also praised MobileCom’s valuable sponsorship of the exhibitions, underscoring their important contribution in launching advertising and public relations campaigns, sponsoring the local fairs as well as other forms of support related to the Jordanian delegation traveling arrangements to the United States. “Their sponsorship has helped to raise the awareness of Intel ISEF and increase the level of participation in the pertinent local fairs,” She added.

Habash also thanked Royal Jordanian Airlines for sponsoring 50% of the tickets’ prices for the Jordanian delegation that will participate in Albuquerque City in New Mexico, USA next May.

“Intel ISEF marks Intel’s commitment to driving education in the Middle East and is part of Intel’s Digital Transformation long-term initiative launched across the region,” Habash concluded.


“The initiative’s great success, mostly reflected by students distinguished achievements, have led us to sponsoring Intel ISEF, which comes inline with our corporate social responsibility’s objectives. Our company has contributed in sponsoring a large number of national and educational activities that aim at serving different segments of society especially youth and students,” Director Marketing at Royal Jordanian Yola Isaac said. She also added that Royal Jordanian has been keen on creating economical opportunities for Jordanian youth by supporting the Injaz program for the last two years where it offered a golden sponsorship during the current academic year for four schools in Irbid, Karak, Zarka and Amman, in addition to their employees’ voluntary teaching of the Injaz curricula at these schools, therefore, translating the company’s national vision towards the community.

It is worth mentioning that eight students were able to reach the final stage with their individual and dual projects. The finalists from the North, Middle and South sectors of the Kingdom are Mahmoud Mohammad Abu Bakir from Al-Alamiyah Second School, his project was in the field of Electronic Engineering and entitled “Blind Hamlet”. Layan Mazen Qutob from the Montessori Modern School presented an Environmental Chemistry project entitled “A unit to reduce the Chimney pollution”.  Mahmoud Emad Drawsheh from Modern System School presented a project in the field of Information Technology entitled “Operating System Star” and Zeid Rasmi Al-Ali from Jubilee School presented a project in the field of physics entitled “Safe Night Driving”.  Luna Abed Al-Raheem Irsheid and Nader Salah Hermas from the Montessori Modern School presented a dual project in the field of Chemical Engineering entitled “Hidden Treasure in Jordan”, the idea revolves around extracting oil from oil shale rock using solar energy. Also, Hadeel Obeidah Messwadeh and Adam Ayesh Shana’a presented a dual project in the field of Immunology entitled “The production of Antibodies from Shark Fish using Hybrid Technology”.

These local finalists, accompanied by four teachers, two coordinators and three observing students, will be part of more than 2000 students from 45 countries participating in the international fair next May. Participants have the chance to compete for more than $4 million in scholarships and valuable prizes at Intel ISEF.

The announcement marked the completion of the local scientific competitions and fairs, which took place during the last two months and included project-contests among students in grades 9-11, coming from different schools around the Kingdom. These competitions are part of Intel’s Education Initiative, aimed at encouraging scientific research, highlighting local talents and selecting a number of innovative students to compete at Intel ISEF.

About Intel ISEF

Intel ISEF is the world’s only international science fair. Every year, more than one million students in grades 9-12 participate in regional science fairs. Over 1200 students from nearly 500 countries win the chance to compete for more than $3 million in scholarships and prizes at the Intel ISEF in a number of scientific categories such as mathematics, science, technology, engineering, and more.

In May 2005, at the state of Arizona, USA, Jordan took part in the international fair with two projects, a single and a group project.  With the support of MobileCom, a member of Jordan Telecom Group, Jordan also took part in May 2006 in the international fair held at the state of Indiana, USA with four single projects and two group projects where two Jordanian students won prizes at the fair.


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