Miriam Fakher Eddine Ignites Rumors On Ahmad Math’har

Published September 11th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian actress Miriam Fakher Eddine caused a great commotion when she declared that her fellow actor Ahmad Math’har was under siege in his own home. 

To add fire to the flame, Miriam, who had misunderstood Math’har, named the culprits as the actor’s children. 

However, as it turns out, construction work on his street was the only reason that the actor was unable to leave his residence. 

Meanwhile, Math’har’s eldest son, Sh’hab said, “can anyone imagine that someone would siege the ‘knight of film'"[as the actor is called]? 

Meanwhile, ‘Al Quds Al Arabi’ newspaper explained how the misunderstanding developed. 

Miriam had met with the aging actor when they were filming a TV series together. She had asked him how he was. 

“I am stuck in my house,” said that actor, instigating a series of adventurous thoughts in Fakher Eddine’s mind. 

Miriam was so far into her thoughts that she never asked him why he was ‘stuck.’ 

Meanwhile, She’hab said that Miriam would not do such a thing as a spiteful move against Math’har’s family.  

“She either misunderstood, or she meant to say that my father’s sickness has affectionately forced us to confine him in to the house,” he said. 

The eighty-three-year-old Math’har suffers from various ailments and his physical condition does not allow him a large social life.  

His health is so weak that the actor still does not know of the new rumor! 

Math’har’s son also added that his father’s house is open to anyone who would like to visit, naming Faten Hamama and Tawfiq Saleh as only two of the many friends who have come to visit. 

However, not all is forgiven. 

The actor’s eldest emphasized that Miriam should have not jumped to conclusions and spoken to the press. 

Meanwhile, the actress has thoroughly apologized for the ‘slip’ and emphasized that she meant no harm and was only looking out for her friend’s well-being. 

The two have been close friends every since they filmed a movie, Rad Qalby (My Heart’s Answer), together. 

They have always enjoyed each other’s company and are constantly in touch like a brother and sister - Albawaba.com. 




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