Mohammad Malas Criticizes Syrian Cinema Institute Administration

Published October 8th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Syrian director Mohammad Malas has blamed the administration of the Syrian Cinema Institute for the deterioration of the Syrian film industry, reported AFP. 

According to the news agency, the director announced his conclusion in a bid to answer the Syrian government’s decision to close the Institute on the basis that it is a “failure ” 

Malas criticized the government’s decision stating that Syria should have corrected the wrong and conducted a reparatory investigation in order to set the Institute back on the right track. 

He said that at a time when all countries are trying to grow culturally, Syria should not be eliminating film institutes. 

Meanwhile, the director blamed the administration of the institute for it’s deterioration ,say that this was caused by the “ridiculous primitive administrative and management mentalities. They are not qualified and drowning in their own false egos.” 

He also blamed the administration for bad distribution of Syrian films stressing that “movies lose a drastic amount of money if they are not distributed properly,” and charging that “although various Arab Cinema company’s asked for these Syrian films, the Institute refused to give them any access.” 

The concerned director has already sent an open letter to the Syrian minister of culture, Maha Qanout, stressing the importance and potential of Syrian cinema, adding that the industry has proven itself in the Arab world despite the lack of professional distribution. 

He demanded that the government “support Syrian film production and look into the exclusive showing of Syrian movies through a single station.” 

Malas also advised that the government “should establish a national cinema Committee and a national fund for Syrian film production.” 

The director told AFP that this open letter contained the signatures of 99 Syrian intellectuals who asked that the Syrian government “give complete artistic freedom to the film industry, acknowledge the various political and cultural aspects of its members and release all political prisoners.” 

The Syrian director, who currently resides in Cairo is getting ready to start shooting his latest series based on the life story of the late Egyptian singer Sayed Darwish – 

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