Montblanc celebrates christmas with an exclusive collection of unique pieces

Published December 3rd, 2009 - 03:42 GMT

Luxury goods manufacturer Montblanc, recognized worldwide for its classic timepieces, jewelry, leather goods and writing instruments, creates the glamorous one-of-a-kind editions of the Montblanc Haute Joaillerie “Mélodies Précieuses”, a poetic dream of faceted jewels, exude emotion and passion. They are love songs, composed of 18-carat white gold and a row of scintillating diamonds.
In the elegant diamond set “Première Rencontre”, each spark ignited by the first meeting is immortalised in a string of star-shaped diamonds, while the “Coeur à Coeur” edition, a composition of round and heart-shaped diamonds embodies the deep emotions, which follow. The exclusive, unique character of the three other one-of-a-kind editions derives from the interplay of brightly shining diamonds and dark spinel stones: “Nuits d’été” and “Hymne à l’amour” are purist and understated; the “A petits pas” creations, though, embody rather a vivacious, artistic lightness.

“Mélodies Précieuses”
Crown jewels with a poetic soul

Nowhere is the power of love so venerated and explored as in poetry, opera and in the French chanson. The Montblanc Haute Joaillerie “Mélodies Précieuses“ set is a tribute to those famous love songs, which celebrate for all time the special moments in life. The glittering centrepiece of each enchanting individual creation of 18-carat white gold is a high-carat Montblanc Diamond. Individual, timeless and exclusive, it is the epitome of everything Montblanc stands for. Created with passion, to express absolute perfection.


 “Nuits d’été”

When the sun sets and a bright summer’s day is followed by a magical evening, the sky is filled with an iridescent gleam. The “Nuits d’été” jewels, inspired by the romantic song cycle by Hector Berlioz, reflect this fascinating interplay of light. These splendid unique pieces represent a sophisticated marriage of simplicity yet at the same time utmost complexity: the two halves of both the purist bangle and matching ring of 18-carat white gold, feature dazzlingly white diamonds in contrast with magically dark spinel precious stones. In the centre, where night meets day, a magnificent Montblanc Diamond takes pride of place. The same contrast of light and dark marks out the artistically crafted earrings of the “Nuits d’été” composition, which seem to capture the gleam of the stars in the heavens to illuminate one of the most expressive diamond sets of Montblanc Haute Joaillerie.

“Hymne à l’amour”

The dazzling, unique pieces of the “Hymne à l’amour” in 18-carat white gold are dedicated to the unforgotten hymn to love by Edith Piaf, icon of the French chanson. Magical and enthralling, an evocative alliance of close-set, black spinel stones, enclosed by a band of sparkling, bright diamonds – they symbolize love's endless train of contrasting passions and emotions. The exciting individual creations exude a magical aura, thanks to their clear design, culminating in the fiery glow of a high-carat Montblanc Diamond. Such a stone also forms the centrepiece of the extravagantly fashioned “Hymne à l’amour” pendant, whose ring-shaped form echoes the interplay of these contrasting elements. The metaphor of the circle to suggest never-ending love is expressed in this highly exclusive tribute to love, a composition studded with splendid diamonds and spinel stones.

“A petits pas“
 “Ancora un passo, or via” (“One more step to go”): with these words, Madame Butterfly takes to the stage in Puccini’s world-famous opera. Its endless musical variety was the source of inspiration for “A petits pas”: unique pieces of jewellery whose sophistication and charm embody the refreshing lightness of the young geisha. Individual rings, set alternately with white diamonds in a pavé setting and black spinel precious stones, seem to move in small steps (à petits pas) along a double chain ending in a Montblanc Diamond. The same vibrant attraction with which Madame Butterfly delights her audience also surrounds the long and short earrings and the fascinating bracelet of the “A petits pas” collection. Crafted by the exclusive team of jewellery designers, they too are proof of the creative skills of Montblanc Haute Joaillerie.

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