Montblanc Launches The Limited Edition Mahatma Gandhi Pen

Published January 14th, 2010 - 10:53 GMT

Montblanc Mahatma Gandhi Limited Edition honours Mahatma Gandhi, the legendary Indian activist who advocated non-violence, peace and unity in creating an independent Indian nation. Gandhi was assassinated on 30 January 1948. And upon his passing, Lord Mountbatten, the last British Viceroy of India, proclaimed his influence to be on par with Buddha and Jesus Christ. George Marshall, US Secretary of State, described Gandhi as the “spokesman for the conscience of all mankind.”
Two outstanding Montblanc writing instruments - the Mahatma Gandhi Limited Edition 241 and the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Edition 3000 have been created to pay tribute to the wisdom, vision and boundless energy the indomitable Mahatma Gandhi displayed as he bravely struggled to free his beloved nation.Motivated by Gandhi’s colossal achievement - including his momentous satyagraha actions - and the purity of his ascetic lifestyle, Montblanc’s master craftsmen have conceived a design that poetically reveal Gandhi’s saintly quest for liberation and equality.
The story of the “turning point” in Mahatma Ghandi’s struggle to obtain India’s independence starts at the nib of the Mahatma Gandhi Limited Edition 241. The 18 K gold, rhodium-plated nib displays an intricate, hand-engraved depiction of Gandhi setting off, with his bamboo stave in hand, on his infamous Salt March. It commenced in July 1930. Believing political struggle in India was inextricably linked with “economic, social and communal problems,” his 24-day “Salt Satyagraha” temporarily halted the British monopoly of one of India’s most valuable commodities - salt. The Salt March made Gandhi a “global name” and led to Britain passing the Government of India Act in 1934. It decreed self government to large tracts of India.
The distance of 241 miles that Mahatma Gandhi and his followers travelled by foot during the mous Salt March has inspired the Limited Edition’s quantity of this outstanding 750 solid white gold piston fountain pen. To break the British monopoly on clothing production, Gandhi also petitioned Indians to boycott foreign-produced textiles and wear “homespun” cloth. And so, while the finely textured, burnished white gold embellishing the barrel and the cap - which is crowned by a Montblanc emblem in mother of pearl - evokes the rough hewn opulence of the “queen of textiles” - Indian shot silk - the hand-entwined gold wire embellishing the centre of the Mahatma Gandhi Limited Edition 241 symbolizes the spindle of woven cotton. On Gandhi’s pilgrimages across India, which commenced in the 1920s, members of his National Volunteer Corps taught villagers how to spin and weave raw cotton into khadi, as a method of promoting rural self-employment and self-reliance. Khadi, therefore, became a “symbol” of Indian independence and while Gandhi spun cotton every day for half an hour, regardless of his surroundings, he also only wore khadi, even when meeting King George and Queen Mary at Buckingham Palace. Eventually, a spinning wheel became the central symbol of the National Flag of India. The flag of India is also represented upon the Mahatma Gandhi Limited Edition 241 by the twinkling saffron-coloured fever opal embellishing the pen’s clip.
Created as a fountain pen and a rollerball, the Mahatma Gandhi Limited Edition 3000 incorporates the signatures of its sumptuous counterpart, the Mahatma Gandhi Limited Edition 241. The 18 K gold, rhodium-plated nib displays an intricate, hand-engraved depiction of Gandhi energetically setting off on the momentous Salt March of July 1930. The cream-coloured lacquer from which this sleek pen is sculpted symbolizes khadi, the woven cotton which Gandhi transformed into a symbol of Indian liberation. While the 925 sterling silver mountings on its cap - which is crowned by an ivory-coloured Montblanc emblem - and cone resemble yarn on a spindle. A mandarin garnet is set above the clip representing saffron that stands for courage and the willingness to make sacrifices.

The Limited Edition quantity of 3000 units - in which both the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Edition 3000 fountain pen and the rollerball have been issued - signifies India’s multitudes that were devoted to the ambassador of non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi.

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