More of HSBC's global clients discuss the challenges of international business

Published December 17th, 2009 - 11:50 GMT

The final two films in the series
introduce us to EIG and Al Khayat - two companies from opposite sides of the
world tackling different problems and needing different solutions from their
banking provider.

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From regional distributer of beauty and skincare products EIG we meet Chris
Chan, Chief Financial Officer. From their headquarters in Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia, EIG operates over 50 professional skincare centres across South
East Asia, Hong Kong and China. In the fast-paced Asian markets, having the
right information, instantly, is crucial to cost efficiency. Mr Chan says of
online cash management tool HSBCnet, "We are able identify problems quickly
and capitalise on successes."

From Malaysia we go to Dubai to meet Mr KLM Prasad, Chief Financial Officer
of Al Khayat, a scientific equipment supplier across Middle East, North
Africa and India. With clients looking to pay for results rather than up
front development, projects with longer lead times were putting strain on Al
Khayat's working capital. In order to deliver bigger projects Mr Prasad
says, "In the present climate we need a strong and reliable financial
partner... In part we owe our existence as an organisation to our
association with HSBC."

Having complete control over company finances is a fundamental part of
running a successful international business. To help companies manage their
business finances from wherever they are in the world they need global
financial partners with strong international business capabilities and local

Placing equal importance on both global and local service is something HSBC
take exceptional pride in. As a global bank they understand the financial
needs of corporate clients by building strong personal relationships with
their customers.

To showcase the strength of their customer relationships and as part of
their new global campaign which focuses on the needs of international
businesses, HSBC have commissioned a series of films that gives four clients
the opportunity to talk about how HSBC Commercial Banking (CMB) have helped
them with their specific needs of reducing risk, reducing costs, keeping
cash flowing and expansion into new markets.

What Erick Rostagnat and Blanca Trevino's stories told us beforehand and
what Chris Chan and KLM Prasad's stories tells us now is that succeeding in
international business is a tough challenge, but that rising to the
challenge is a lot easier when you have the right partners who have been
through it all before.

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