Moroccan Government Pumps Money into Film Industry

Published January 25th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Moroccan officials are pumping money into the national film industry in hopes of placing the country on the international entertainment map. 

The cinema production support committee recently earmarked substantial sums for several projects, al-Sarq al-Awsat daily reports. Roughly $360,000 was granted to the film titled "The Female Neighbors of Abu Musa," which is produced by Muhammad Abd Al-Rahman. This is the largest government funding ever for a film.  


Other films that received government funds are the following:  

* "And Then" produced by Muhammad Ismail - $240,000 

* "The Return" produced by the young producer Nor A-Din Lakhmari. This is his first long movie. 

* "Missing Horizon" a short movie produced by Laila al-Marakashi - $20,000  

* "Whispers" produced by Hakim Belabas - $15,000  

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