Moscow: Iran's Syria Strikes Great Move to Fight Terror

Published October 2nd, 2018 - 10:03 GMT
The Iranian Revolutionary Guard lets rip missiles on ISIS positions in Syria. (AFP/File)
The Iranian Revolutionary Guard lets rip missiles on ISIS positions in Syria. (AFP/File)
The Russian comment on the Iranian missile bombardment in eastern Syria sent messages to several parties, mainly the United States and Israel, especially after Kremlin described this development as part of the fight against terrorism.

Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Iran's missile strikes must be treated as a step in the fight against terrorism.

“The war against terrorism and terrorist organizations in Syria is continuing and will continue,” he said in reply to the question about Iran’s missile strike on Syria.

Peskov also commented on the remarks made by US National Security Advisor John Bolton on Washington's intention to "stay in Syria."

"As for the illegitimate presence of foreign troops and foreign armed forces in Syria, Russia’s position on this has been quite clear,” he said.

Analysts said that launched “Iranian missiles” confirmed Tehran's intention “to continue its activity in Syria despite Washington and Tel Aviv’s demands.”

They explained that Kremlin's comments reflect that Moscow has sought not directly support the Iranian bombardment but at the same time avoided its condemnation.

It also sought to send messages to the US and Israeli sides that Iran is a partner in fighting terrorism and that its mission in Syria is not over yet.

Military commentators pointed out that Tehran "informed Moscow before carrying out the strike, which means that Russia has dealt with the development in coordination with Iran."

The state media quoted analysis indicating that “the launch of Iranian missiles indicated Tehran's intention to escalate the situation in Syria in the face of the escalation against it by Washington and Tel Aviv.”

"Although Iran's missile strikes in Syria and Iraq targeted sites for insurgents and hostile organizations, yet the strikes hold a clear threat message against major enemies," it stressed.

It seems that Iran is preparing to confront, especially after the circumstances have changed and the tension has returned sharply following Washington’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal and the resumption of sanctions against it, according to analysts.
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