Moscow Summons Israeli Ambassador to Russia Over Ukraine Tensions

Published April 18th, 2022 - 07:22 GMT
Red Square Moscow
Red Square Moscow (AFP File Folder)

Moscow summoned on Sunday Israeli Ambassador to Russia Alex Ben Zvi, amid diplomatic tensions over the Russia-Ukraine war.

On Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry criticized “anti-Russian” remarks by Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, who accused Russia of war crimes in Ukraine following the April 7 vote to suspend Russia from the United Nations Human Rights Council. 

In a statement released after the vote, Lapid spoke about the “unjustified invasion” of Ukraine, while accusing the Russian military of “killing innocent civilians”.

The Russian Foreign Ministry responded to Lapid’s accusations saying that “There is an effort to take advantage of the situation around Ukraine to distract the international community from one of the longest unresolved conflicts — the Palestinian-Israeli.”

The Russian statement also denounced “the illegal occupation and creeping annexation of Palestinian territories (…) carried out with the tacit connivance of the leading Western countries and the actual support of the United States”.


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