Mufti of Jerusalem: OIC has Done Nothing to Support Palestinians

Published December 6th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

The highest-ranking Palestinian Muslim cleric has accused the world's largest Muslim body of largely ignoring his people's plight during 14 months of Palestinian Intifada agasint 34 years of Israeli occupation, reported Reuters.  

Ikrima Sabri, the mufti of Jerusalem, was quoted as saying in a lecture delivered in the United Arab Emirates capital Abu Dhabi late on Wednesday that the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) had "so far not offered the Palestinians or Islamic sites any tangible support."  

"Israel discovered just how weak the OIC is right from the beginning," Sabri said. "All the OIC's activities have been cultural and media related, but they have not done anything for the Palestinian cause."  

Sabri's comments coincide with Arab and Islamic diplomatic contacts on the possibility of holding an OIC foreign ministers' meeting to pledge support for the Palestinians after this week's Israeli air strikes on the West Bank and Gaza. 

Sabri has recently been dissatisfied with other Muslim clerics. He lashed back at the top sheikh of Al Azhar in Egypt, Mohammad Tantawi, who condemned Palestinian, as well as Israeli, attacks on civilians. 

Al Azhar is the top Sunni Muslim authority in the world – 


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