Muslim Brotherhood office in al-Mafraq set on fire

Published June 27th, 2016 - 02:00 GMT
Jordanians wave Muslim Brotherhood flags in Amman in 2007 (AFP/File)
Jordanians wave Muslim Brotherhood flags in Amman in 2007 (AFP/File)

On Sunday evening unknown assailants started a fire at the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in and the political wing of the Islamic Action Front in al-Mafraq, east Jordan.

A Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson in Jordan, Muadh al-Kuwalda, said that the perpetrators burned down the headqarters right after iftar, after members removed the side door of the building.

He added in a statement to “Arabi 21” that firefighters were in control of the blaze and were able to diffuse the fire before it spread through the building. 

The spokesperson demanded that the Interior Ministry protect Jordan’s civil institutions, mentioning that this was the second time that there has been a fire inside the building.

According to the spokesperson, “thugs” burned the headquarters in a previous incident in 2012. He claimed that while there was video evidence, no charges were filed against any specific individual.   

The Islamic Action front, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, is set to participate in Jordan’s parliamentary elections come September 2016.

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