Nasrallah: Israel on a path towards "suicide" in Gaza

Published July 25th, 2014 - 07:23 GMT

Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah Friday vowed "all means of support" to the Palestinian resistance in its battle with Israel, saying the latter had failed miserably in the 18-day conflict in Gaza.

Nasrallah, in a rare public appearance in Al-Suhadaa Complex in Beirut’s southern suburbs, also spoke out against recent developments in Iraq and the establishment of the so-called Islamic caliphate by ISIS, saying: "Our duty as Muslims today is to condemn what Christians and Muslims are facing in Iraq."

Speaking on Jerusalem Day, Nasrallah warned Israel against expanding its offensive in Gaza, saying the resistance in the enclave had already won the fighting.

“We, in Hezbollah, stand beside the Palestinian people and the Palestinian resistance without an exception. We will not spare any means of support that we can and are able to provide,” Nasrallah said. “We feel that we are true partners with the Palestinian resistance. ... Your victory is our own.”

He said the party was closely following up political and field developments in Gaza, where more than 830 Palestinians have been killed since Israel launched its offensive on the coast strip.

“To the Zionist I say: In Gaza, you are moving in a circle of failure and do not go to the circle of suicide or a total collapse,” he said. “Iran, Syria and the resistance in Lebanon, primarily Hezbollah, as much as we could, never neglected to support the resistance in Palestine on the political, media, psychological, logistical and arms support.”

Nasrallah commended the resistance in Gaza for its steadfastness, saying it had changed the rules of engagement, adopting a tripartite formula “similar to the golden equation functioning in Lebanon."

The formula, Nasrallah explained, rested on three main pillars: fighting on the field, the people’s steadfastness and political resoluteness.

“With this formula, the resistance succeeded in imposing new methods on the enemy, and that’s not easy for someone like [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu to admit,” he said.

He stressed that the resistance should remain resolute on achieving its goals from this conflict, primarily ending the siege on Gaza, saying Hamas had shown creativity on the field, in its ability to fight behind enemy lines and in firing rockets into locations in an unprecedented development.

“From the very first day, they hit Tel Aviv in the first rocket launching from Palestinian territories into Palestinian territories and covering the entire Palestinian landscape,” he said. “At the end, the resistance will eventually force Israel to look for a solution, similar to what happened in 2006.”

During the 18-day conflict, the most serious since 2012 between Israel and Hamas, the latter has not observed any of the cease-fire deals including a truce drafted by Egypt to end the hostilities.

Nasrallah said Hamas remained defiant “despite some Arab leaders’ calls to Israel encouraging them to continue with its operation.”

Declaring the resistance as victorious in this most recent conflict, the Hezbollah leader said Israel has failed miserably in several fields including on the intelligence level.

“On the first day of the 2006 war, Israel set high-level objects and gradually demoted such goals until it reached a point where it just wanted the war to end,” he said.

“The objective in this conflict is to simply destroy tunnels along the border ... but when we get to the 18th day and Israel and the world have not yet achieved a single goal in this aggression, this only means that Gaza and the resistance have won.”

According to Nasrallah, Israel failed to settle the battle with its air offensive and ground operation as well as an attempt to reach a cease-fire with Hamas.

“When they say the resistance fired 100 rockets from Gaza that require transportation, assembling, finding a hideout, guarding them and so on, this only highlights a tremendous intelligence failure on the part of Israel.”

He also spoke about Israel’s long-term plan since its occupation of Palestine to create wars, conflicts and divisions in every Arab and Muslim country to divert attention from the principle Arab cause.

"This is the most dangerous phase since the occupation of Palestine because there is a systematic destruction of countries, peoples, armies and societies in the region, which started with honest popular revolutions but someone rode the wave and took it to a different direction," Nasrallah said.

“But Syria will remain in the face of the Zionist project while Iraq has entered into a dark tunnel in the name of Islam, unfortunately.”

"In the name of the caliphate, they are forcing the migration of thousands of Christians ... Sunnis who differ with ISIS have no choice but to submit to them or be murdered, and Shiites have the only choice of being murdered.”


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