Nationalist, Islamist Palestinian Factions Condemn Arson Attacks on Gaza’s Tourist Sites

Published October 14th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

By Izzat Ramini - Ramallah 


The Islamist and nationalist powers issued a statement on Saturday evening condemning the violent acts by Palestinians in Gaza on Friday when individuals who were taking part in a Hamas rally attacked and set fire to tourist sites in the city, including liquor stores, restaurants and hotels. 

In a statement drafted at an emergency meeting late Friday to discuss the violations, the political leaders said the sabotage acts “aimed at the destruction of the national unity of the struggling Palestinian people at a time when the conspiracies of the American administration and the Israeli government are mounting up.” 

In the same statement, the factions formulated a unified stand regarding the developments in the West Bank and Gaza, and set their demands as follows: 

First: The Islamist and nationalist powers urge the Arab nations to hold the Arab summit right away and reject the American initiative that aims at recovering the goals of “the Israeli aggression,” killing the Intifada, and forcing the Palestinian people and its leadership to surrender. 

Second: They also condemn the aggressions by a group of trespassers on properties of Arabs in Gaza. This attempt aimed at deviating the struggle of the Palestinian people, and damaging the national unity. They also denounce such activities as contradictory to the Arab and Islamic values, and the spirit of unity and brotherhood among our people. 

The protection of private and public properties is part of the protection of the national enterprise, and trespassers should be stopped with an iron fist.  

Third: The Islamist and nationalist powers demand that these group be referred to court for trial. 

The statement was signed by the representatives of the following Palestinian factions: 

Fateh, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Hamas movement, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the People’s Party, the Democratic Union (FIDA), the Popular Struggle Front, the Palestinian Liberation Front, the Arab Liberation Front, the Palestinian Arab Front , the Popular Front-General Command and the Islamic Jihad.  


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