Navajo Systems Develop Real-Time Data Security System for Cloud Computing

Published November 11th, 2009 - 01:18 GMT

   The Israeli venture capital fund, JVP, has made a seed investment in
Navajo Systems through JVP Media Studio, its incubator. Navajo Systems
develop unique data encryption systems for cloud computing and SaaS
applications. Navajo's products will benefit organizations by protecting data
privacy and managing regulatory requirements, thereby enabling secure
deployment of SaaS solutions and cloud computing environments.


    Navajo Systems solve critical data security problems, allowing many
companies to adopt SaaS applications, and avoid the exposure of confidential
company information. Navajo will deliver the secure encryption of sensitive
data, disabling the service providers' ability to understand data content,
while retaining all of the organizations application's capabilities. Every
organization that deploys SaaS applications and cloud computing environments
is a potential client of Navajo Systems.


    Dan Gross, CEO of Navajo Systems said: "We are happy that JVP decided to
go ahead and fund our early stage startup Navajo Systems. JVP not only
provided the investment that will allow us to develop this exciting
technology but the partners and team understand what it takes to bring
innovative technologies to market, and we are confident they will be beside
us the whole way. We also appreciated JVP's quick, efficient and transparent
pre-funding process." Navajo Systems was founded by Dan Gross, Dr. David
Movshovitz and Doron Abram.


    "The innovative solution offered by Navajo Systems will allow many
organizations, who were previously deterred from moving over to SaaS because
of information security problems, to now begin using these services securely.
We view this capability as a major breakthrough, which will allow previously
reluctant Enterprises to implement social networking and web 2.0 applications
safely throughout the organization," said Haim Kopans, Partner at JVP Studio
and formerly founder of Precise (a JVP portfolio company), which sold to
Veritas for more than 600 million dollars.


    "The investment in Navajo Systems is another example of JVP Studio's
commitment to promising young companies. We have a pipeline of very
interesting seed-stage companies and are happy to see more companies these
days, as we intend to make more investments in the near future," said Uri
Adoni, Partner at JVP Studio. "We are also very happy to join forces again
with Dr. David Movshovitz, who we successfully partnered with while at
Magnifier (later sold to F5)."


    JVP Media Studio is the seed investment arm of JVP, which invests in
early-stage startup companies in the fields of new media, enterprise
software, mobile, Internet and gaming. The incubator's portfolio companies,
which operate from the JVP Media Center in Jerusalem, benefit from close
support by the Fund's partners and from the synergetic collaborative
environment at JVP.


    JVP is one of the leading venture capital funds in Israel. The Fund
operates from Jerusalem and manages over 780 million dollars. JVP focuses on
building market leaders in the fields of digital media technology, including
gaming and virtual worlds, mobile media, software and hardware applications
and Internet advertising. With leading industry venture partners and
consultants in New York, Los Angeles and Europe and an international network
of strategic partners, JVP leverages its unique market expertise, its
dedicated management team and substantial capital base to build companies
with the potential of shaping the global markets.


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