Negotiations on New Egyptian Satellite Channels Continue

Published February 17th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

The Egyptian government and potential investors are expected to continue discussions next week concerning satellite channel projects.  


Al Alam al Youm reports that these contacts will determine the future of these projects, which were authorized to be launched at the 6th of October 6 city under the slogan: "free media city with special nature". Investors are still concerned with some governmental conditions that may damage the feasibility of these projects. 


Goodnews group, a local company that owns several newspapers and magazines in Egypt, seems to be interested in this investment. The group, which includes 40 leading businesspeople, discussed privately the potential opportunities of the new TV channels. Dr. Ahmed al Bahjat, member of Goodnews board of directors, told Al Alam al Youm that despite these discussions a final decision would be made after the group receives some clarifications and amendments from the government. 

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