Netanyahu to Form a New Rightwing Party to Stem His Flagging Popularity

Published August 9th, 2020 - 07:06 GMT
 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Twitter)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Twitter)
A Likud source revealed that Netanyahu is very concerned with his declining popularity.

With his popularity plummeting in polls Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking to form a new right-wing party for the upcoming elections.

The new party will be focused on absorbing Netanyahu’s angry supporters so that they do not join a competing power. The new party would be led by a promising right-wing personality that is close to Netanyahu.

A Likud source revealed that Netanyahu is very concerned with his declining popularity.

The source also added that the PM seeks to regain voters he lost by forming a new and attractive party that ensures a strong right-wing represented by 61 members in Knesset or more. This will help Netanyahu form a right-wing government.

The source said that Netanyahu is aware that during the last three rounds of elections, he has not succeeded in creating a sufficient bloc to form a right-wing government.

Therefore, he resorts to playing behind the scenes to provide the right-wing majority and to ensure that voters who were disappointed with him do not flee due to his failures in the face of the spread of the coronavirus and keep them in the right-wing camp and prevent them from moving to centrist parties such as the Blue and White party and Yesh Atid.

On Friday and Thursday evening, the Israeli media published the results of three opinion polls conducted this week on the mood of the public in the event that the election date is brought forward.

The opinion polls showed that Netanyahu’s power will continue to decline, with the Likud losing seats at the Knesset. At the moment, Likud enjoys 36 seats at Knesset. The polls saw that number dropping to 31, 32 and even 29.

Although the center, left and Arab parties rise slightly according to these polls, the majority of Likud's loss goes to the extreme right-wing party association headed by Naftali Bennett.

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