Netanyahu slams Iran nuclear deal as 'mistake of historic proportions'

Published July 14th, 2015 - 10:00 GMT

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the deal with Iran was a mistake of historic proportions.

Speaking at a meeting with Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders, Netanyahu said he will refer to the details of the agreement “later” but added that the current result was the outcome one receives when willing to sign a deal at any cost.

World powers made concessions to Iran in all areas which were supposed to prevent the country’s ability to arm itself with nuclear weapons, said the prime minister.

Reiterating comments he made yesterday, Netanyahu said one cannot prevent an agreement when those negotiating it are willing to continue making concession after concession even as the other side publicly called for “Death to America.”

The will to sign a deal, the prime minister said without calling US President Barack Obama by name, was the strongest force in operation and this is why Israel never committed to preventing an agreement. It remains committed to preventing Iran from acquiring nukes and this commitment stands, Netanyahu said.

He added a call to all Israeli leaders to set aside petty politics and unite behind what he called the most fateful issue for Israel’s future and security.

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