Netanyahu Warns Palestinians of Painful Strikes Despite Allowing Qatari Funds in Gaza

Published January 23rd, 2019 - 12:33 GMT
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Twitter)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Twitter)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that "there may be someone in Gaza who thinks that he can lift his head" at a visit to the Shizafon base in the Negev on Wednesday morning.

"I recommend that he understand that the response would be fatal and very painful," Netanyahu continued. "We are prepared for every scenario and escalation."

This comes a day after Netanyahu decided not to allow the third tranche of Qatari funds into Gaza as scheduled, which in turn comes in response to the violence that had erupted along the Gaza border that same day.


On Tuesday, an IDF tank struck a Hamas observation post, killing one Palestinian and injuring two others. The attack by the IDF came after an IDF officer was shot to the head, ending up only lightly injured due to his helmet.

In addition, the Israel Air Force attacked targets in Gaza on Tuesday night as a response to the confrontation.

Former Shin Bet head Yaakov Peri criticized Netanyahu's decision not to allow the Qatari fund transfer.

"Hamas will not become a lover of Israel because of the money or because of its non-transfer," explained Peri. "Israel needs to act according to its own interest, which is to avoid confrontation. If the same Qatari funds cause a confrontation not to occur, the broader consideration must prevail."


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