Netanyahu vows to stop US-Iran nuclear deal

Published February 25th, 2015 - 05:00 GMT

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed do to everything in his power to stop the US and Iran from reaching an agreement on the ongoing nuclear deal, reports AFP.

Netanyahu addressed the issue in a statement, saying "the information which has reached me in recent days greatly strengthens our concerns regarding the agreement being formulated between the major powers and Iran."

"This agreement, if indeed it is signed, will allow Iran to become a nuclear threshold state."

"It is my obligation as prime minister to do everything that I can to prevent this agreement. Therefore, I will go to Washington... because the American Congress is likely to be the final brake before the agreement."

Netanyahu is scheduled to address the US congress on March 3rd, 2015, even though US President Barack Obama has refused to meet with the Israeli PM during his stay in the states. 

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