New ‘Go Slow’ Convoy Sets out for London to Protest Fuel Prices

Published November 11th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Farmers and truck drivers left this northern English town Saturday in a 34-vehicle "go slow" convoy bound for London as part of their protests against high fuel prices, a police spokesman said. 

West Yorkshire police had authorized the "rolling blockade", as their colleagues in North Yorkshire had done with a similar convoy which left the northeastern town of Gateshead early Friday. 

Protestors have complained about hardline tactics by the police, who they claim have videoed those taking part and recorded their vehicle registration numbers. 

"The police have been very, very heavy handed. We're very disillusioned at the way we've been treated," said farmer John Coxon. 

The convoy was heading towards the city of Manchester Saturday, hoping to reach central London by Tuesday to take part in a Hyde Park demonstration. 

But police have warned that they will not be authorized to enter the capital. 

"We're still going to London. We may have to walk but we'll get there whatever," Coxon said. 

Protestors are demanding a 20 pence (0.32 Euros, 0.28 dollars) reduction on the price of liter of fuel. 

In his pre-budget statement on Wednesday, British Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown stopped short of cutting fuel tax.  

He did however promise a two-year freeze in fuel duty, a cut in tax on "green" fuel and reductions in road tax for truck drivers and farmers. 

His concessions were equivalent to a four pence per liter reduction for private motorists, and an eight pence per liter reduction for hauliers, the government said -- FERRYBRIDGE, England (AFP) 



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