New Canon calculator keeps germs out of the equation

Published December 7th, 2009 - 01:16 GMT

Canon Middle East is combating dirty desks and unwashed hands everywhere with the launch of an anti-bacterial calculator, the HS-121TGA that inhibits the growth of microbes and bacteria.

The hygiene-conscious will be delighted to learn that the cleverly designed HS-121TGA includes a germ fighting agent mixed into the plastic on its keys and upper casing which inhibits the growth of bacteria.[1] The HS-121TGA, which comes in shiny black and white, is ideal for hospitals, schools, restaurants, offices or in the home and can be passed to grubby-fingered colleagues without a second thought.   

“Our unique, next generation calculator range has been designed with both people and the environment in mind. The introduction of an anti-bacterial agent on the HS-121TGA prevents the passage of germs and bacteria most commonly transferred via people’s hands. We hope that number crunching consumers who use the product will appreciate the benefits of working in a safer, healthier environment,” said Sam Oomen, Product Manager, Canon Middle East.

Canon’s crack team of designers have created the HS-121TGA to be green as well as clean by using anti-bacterial materials and recycled Canon copiers in the construction. Indeed, the lower casing is made from 100% recycled plastic from Canon photocopiers.

Calculator spotters will appreciate the fact that the HS-121TGA has all the usual functions you’d expect from a high-end calculator such as Liquid Crystal Display. However, it also includes a dual power source with solar and replaceable battery power to extend the product life and reduce waste. Dual solar powered calculators include back up batteries but often when these run out consumers replace the product rather than the batteries. Canon has introduced an easily replaceable battery to discourage this.

The bacteria-fighting HS-121TGA, follows Canon’s corporate philosophy of Kyosei to minimise environmental impact.

Key features of the HS-121TGA:



Upper case and key tops are made from plastic with anti-bacterial material in order to protect  human health
Bottom case is made from Canon copier recycled material for minimum waste
Replaceable battery for longer product life
Double card blister (DBL) package to secure products against theft
Internal angled large LCD display
3-digits comma    
ON/CA, CI/C Clear Keys   
Shift Key / Backspace Key
0, 00 Zero Keys   
Auto-power off in seven minutes
Tax calculation

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