New donor from Dow improves polypropylene manufacturing process, end-product quality

Published March 28th, 2010 - 11:58 GMT

The Dow Chemical Company has expanded its catalyst system offering with CONSISTATM D7000 Donor, designed specifically for high melt flow (HMF) applications.  The first product in Dow’s new CONSISTA portfolio of advanced catalyst systems, CONSISTA D7000 enables polypropylene manufacturers to achieve the performance differentiation needed to enter premium markets, while realizing the benefits of better on-stream time, better plant operability and reduced production costs.

“CONSISTA D7000 helps polypropylene producers differentiate their products and seize profitable market opportunities,” said Cherie H. Wrenn, product market manager at Dow Basic Plastics Licensing and Catalyst, a Dow business unit that licenses UNIPOL™ Polypropylene Process Technology.  “As part of the complete package of optimized solutions we bring to our customers, CONSISTA D7000 delivers advantages throughout the entire value chain.  It makes transitioning between product grades smoother and faster, improves the performance characteristics of the finished product, and reduces the use of peroxide, thus bringing down resin manufacturing costs.”

CONSISTATM D7000 was developed to optimize high-melt impact copolymer polypropylene resins, the type of polypropylene plastic used in automotive interior applications and food contact applications – all challenging but financially rewarding markets for manufacturers.  For each of these segments, CONSISTA D7000 helps meet specific quality requirements – from high impact/stiffness balance, to improved polymer taste/odor profile in food contact applications, to reduced C emissions, the volatilized organic chemicals responsible for the “new car” smell. 

In commercial trials, CONSISTATM D7000 has been validated by select users of the UNIPOL™ Process and SHAC™ Catalyst.  At Slovnaft Petrochemicals in Bratislava, Slovakia, plant operators conducted multiple trials using CONSISTA D7000 and found that it allowed for better processing, leading to higher efficiency and reduced costs.

“The goal for switching to CONSISTA D7000 was to improve product properties and we were successful. We also found other unexpected benefits such as reduced processing costs and improved operability similar to other Dow ADT donors,” said plant manager Andrej Horak.  “CONSISTA D7000 offers the best combination of processing and product benefits.

“As the plant manager, using CONSISTA D7000 means that I can sleep better at night, because of the reduced fouling and plant upsets compared to using conventional donors.”

The synergy between all the elements of the technology maximizes the value for the UNIPOL licensees and requires no capital investment.  CONSISTA D7000 is compatible with Dow’s existing family of SHAC catalyst and donor systems and suitable for all other gas phase polypropylene technologies.

“Our goal – to be the premier supplier of catalyst and donor to the polypropylene industry – continues to drive our robust research and development efforts,” said Wrenn.  “Dow is the only catalyst manufacturer to have its own line of proprietary donors, and both catalyst and donor systems have been optimized for the UNIPOL process to create a ‘foolproof” path to commercial success for our customers.”

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