New Job Opportunities for Saudis through Premier Radio Station

New Job Opportunities for Saudis through Premier Radio Station
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Published December 14th, 2010 - 13:36 GMT

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A new upbeat voice has emerged in the sound waves of Saudi Arabia. Since earlier this month, Alif Alif FM has commenced its broadcast with the vision of providing Saudi listeners with entertainment, insightful news analysis, and an upbeat perspective of life in the Kingdom, 24-hours a day. The station is currently broadcasting in Jeddah (101.0 FM), Riyadh (94.0 FM), and Dammam (107.5 FM), and will be available soon throughout the rest of the Kingdom.

With a commitment to recruiting Saudis for all levels of the operation, Alif Alif FM provides great career opportunities for Saudi citizens. With the goal of engaging Saudi listeners across all genders, Alif Alif FM is committed to continuously recruiting and training Saudis so that they may contribute and expand their talents as presenters, correspondents, producers, editors, marketers and all other roles associated with the station. This provides an outstanding benefit to citizens, enhancing their appreciation of Saudi culture while providing much needed jobs to drive the growth of the radio broadcast industry in the country.

Alif Alif FM's shareholding consists of an elite group of Saudi business men. 

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