New Political Parties to Join Government in Syria - Islamists and Fat Cats Counted Out

Published June 9th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Damascus – 


The national conference of the Ruling Syria’s Baath party has on its agenda the expansion of partisan coalition, according to partisan sources Thursday. 

They said the Baath will consider at its first meeting in 17 years, due on June 17th, the participation of the Democratic National Assembly (DNA) party in the ruling coalition. 

The sources said there have been many signs indicating the political elite’s inclination towards DNA’s participation in government, the major of which was the noticeable attendance of official figures at a recent tribute ceremony of the late party’s leader, Jamal Atassi, who was succeeded by Baseel Jaddou. 

Atassi was imprisoned for 23 years before he was released a few years ago. 

Among those who paid homage to the late leader were Defense Minister Mustafa Tlass and key Baath figures. 

The same sources ruled out that Islamists or leading businessmen, dubbed as Knights of Investment, will be part of government. 

Political circles in Syria have circulated news that the financial elites in the country were preparing to set up their own parties, a rumor fueled by intensive activities by major businessmen at the parliamentarian and media levels. 

In a related context, has learned that some of these businessmen, who are actively taking part in the political dialogue, are to face corruption charges within the context of the anti-corruption crusade waged in the country nowadays. 

Sources said that two prominent businessmen and veteran parliamentary members will be subject to interrogation over different corruption-related charges. 

Those same MPs have addressed the People’s Assembly – parliament-- with “heated speeches,” urging for a crackdown on corruption, said the sources. 

“What is necessary now is that those people are not given the chance to reap the fruits of the anti-corruption, as they did with corruption,” the sources demanded. 


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