New Single Dose Antibiotic Approved in UAE

Published February 19th, 2007 - 08:21 GMT

Doctors have welcomed the UAE approval of an innovative new antibiotic treatment at a specially-convened scientific symposium held in Dubai on Sunday.

Chaired by Dr. Hussain Abdul Rahman, Head of the ENT Department, Dubai Hospital-Department of Health & Medical Services, the event was designed to provide an update for physicians about the latest advances made in the treatment of the most common infections, particularly those affecting the respiratory system.

Professor Bradley Marple, Vice Chairman and Associate Professor of the University of Texas and Dr. Muaaz Tarabichi, Head of the ENT department, American Hospital, addressed the convened doctors.

The new FDA approved treatment, Zithromax SD, provides a full course of antibiotic in a single dose, enabling doctors to treat respiratory tract infections immediately, rather than through the traditional course of medication taken over time.

“Sharing information about breakthrough medications like Zithromax SD ensures that doctors are equipped with a full range of treatments to manage infectious diseases,” said Dr. Hussain Abdul Rahman, Head of ENT Department, Dubai Hospital.

Zithromax SD, a “new generation” antibiotic, was warmly received by the attending physicians, as it provides an advanced response for common infections.

New generation antibiotics allow a patient to take a full course of treatment in a single dose, without the need for regular antibiotics, which are sometimes prescribed in three or four doses a day for a week or 10 days.

Advanced treatments like the recently-approved Zithromax SD use “microsphere technology,” where the medicine is released more gradually in the patient’s system.

In the first 24 hours after a dose of the treatment, the amount of drug that gets into the infected tissue is three times higher than a standard dose of alternative antibiotic treatments. This “front loading” provides high drug levels earlier in the course of infection when the bacterial burden is likely to be highest.

Clinical trials involving several thousands of patients have demonstrated that the treatment offers an excellent safety profile compared to other antibiotic treatments for common respiratory tract infections and is generally well tolerated.

“New treatments like Zithromax SD are adding significantly to the range of treatments available to doctors in the management of infections and provide a more effective mode of delivery than current antibiotics,” said Dr Muaaz Tarabichi, Head of the ENT department, American Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Following its approval in the UAE, it is currently the only antibiotic both in the UAE & in the world to treat adult respiratory tract infections with one dose, maximizing the chances of treatment completion and therefore ensuring the best efficacy results for patients.

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