Nissan Signs a Partnership Agreement with MindShare Jordan

Nissan Signs a Partnership Agreement with MindShare Jordan
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Published October 12th, 2010 - 10:13 GMT

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Nissan signed a partnership agreement with MindShare Jordan in a ceremony, held for this purpose, at Bustami & Saheb Trading Co. (BSTC), Wadi Saqra.

A number of Nissan and MindShare Jordan's representatives attended this event, including the Managing Director of MindShare Jordan, Ms. Hana Khatib, Mr. Mohammed Abu Ghosh and Mr. Watheq Saffarini, the CEO of BSTC, Mr. Imad Bustami and Ms. Shireen Al Hassani, BSTC Marketing and Corporate Communication Manager.

According to the agreement, MindShare Jordan is entitled to become the official media partner of Nissan (Bustami & Saheb Trading Co.) in Jordan.

MindShare Jordan owns exclusive rights in many modes of media, booking the needed spaces according to pertinent agreements, with a significant presence in every major market. In addition, the Company represents Nissan regional office, which is one of the main reasons that encouraged Nissan Jordan to sign the said agreement.

It is worth noting that MindShare's greatest strength is their global network. Not just its size and spread, but its people: their depth of knowledge and the way they share information to act as one seamless, integrated team. MindShare Jordan's partnership with Nissan will support the latter in the fields of media bookings, particularly with regard to accessing sites and the best discounts, not to mention the unique media planning. Such professionalism and knowledge on the part of MindShare shall help Nissan proficiently realize its goals and aspirations.

Commenting on this partnership, Mr. Imad Bustami, the CEO of BSTC said: "We are pleased and proud to announce our partnership with MindShare Jordan, not only for their excellent reputation and expertise in the media industry, but also for their seriousness and perseverance on providing customers with the best services and media deals".

"Although MindShare Jordan was established in the beginning of 2009 as a culmination of successful sixteen branches in the Middle East and North Africa, it has achieved, in such a short time, remarkable successes. We are confident that this agreement shall reinforce our activities and efforts in marketing, in general, and media bookings, in particular. And we congratulate our partners and ourselves for closing this partnership." Mr. Imad added.

It is worth mentioning that MindShare Jordan is a marketing and media network with imagination and technology. The Company uses its unique open sourced approach to partnership and wide-ranging expertise to transform marketing challenges into tangible business results. Their mission is to navigate change and create valuable consumer exchanges for brands to deliver competitive advantage to their clients.

It is important to note that Bustami & Saheb Trading Co. LTD (BSTC) is fully equipped with the facilities and professional work force needed to deliver world-class standards and service. Bustami & Saheb Trading Co. LTD, teaming up with NISSAN, represents a milestone in the Middle East retailer market. This partnership led to the launch of a showroom displaying various models, a system that deeply incorporates marketing, sales, after sales, and service optimum plans ensuring the maximum satisfaction and protection of our most valuable asset, the customers. 

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