No Breakthrough Insight as Lebanese Politicians Vy for Cabinet Seats

Published August 1st, 2018 - 10:17 GMT
President Michel Aoun (Twitter)
President Michel Aoun (Twitter)

President Michel Aoun Thursday reiterated his full intention to "cooperate" with Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri in forming a new government.

The formation of a government is now in its second month with no breakthrough in sight.

"It is true that some demands have so far delayed the creation of the government, while Lebanon faces a critical and challenging period,” Aoun said during a ceremonymarking Lebanon's Army Day. “Thus, I would like to reiterate my firm resolution, in cooperation with the Prime Minister-designate, to bring the country out of the crisis caused by the delayed creation of the government, relying on the cooperation among all stakeholders and their sense of patriotism."



The president called for an all-inclusive government "without marginalizing any component, without canceling its role and without monopolizing the representation of a single religious community."

According to Aoun, any "fallback" is a "betrayal of the nation and of the hopes of the Lebanese citizens who have expressed their choices and aspirations in the polls."


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