OIC Chief Urges US to Lift Economic Sanctions on Sudan, Iran and Libya

Published June 28th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Head of a the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) called on the United States to end its economic sanctions against three member states, saying they pose a "direct threat" to Islamic security. 

Ezeddine Laraki said the sanctions also impede economic and social development in Sudan, Iran and Libya. 

Laraki, in his political report to foreign ministers of the 56-member OIC meeting in Kuala Lambur, said unilateral imposition of the sanctions "constitutes a direct threat to the common Islamic security. 

"They are also aimed at destabilizing the region and undermining the development process," he says in a copy of the report obtained by AFP Wednesday. 

The US imposed sanctions on Sudan in 1997 on the grounds that it supported terrorism and threatened neighboring countries. 

Laraki added the US D'Amato Law is unjust and will impede the development and investment planning of Iran and Libya, adversely affecting economic stability. 

Under the law, which took effect in August 1996, the US imposed sanctions on foreign companies, which deal with Libya or Iran in the field of oil and natural gas and have investment contracts exceeding 40 million dollars in one year. 

Laraki urged the OIC and the European Union to reject the law. 

He said Israel is continuing development of its nuclear program and terms this "a major threat to the security of Islamic countries." 

Laraki urged OIC members to work together to support the concept of nuclear weapons-free zones - KUAL LAMBUR (AFP) 

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